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Figure 7.4. The current-voltage (I V) plot of the 19.52%-ef cient CIGS/CdZnS device. Device temperature: 25.0 1 C; Device area = 0.408 cm2; Irradiance: 1000.0 W/m2; Voc = 0.7052 V; Isc = 14.49 mA; Jsc = 35.515 mA/cm2; and Fill Factor = 77.90%. [Reproduced with permission from Ref. 40. Copyright 2006 American Institute of Physics.]
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copy. You already understand the importance of having a broad general knowledge. This takes time and is a lifelong quest. And you understand the importance of obtaining speci c knowledge on a project you are working on. This I hope is quite clear from 2. But what you are about to learn in this chapter and the chapters that follow is the speci c knowledge you will need to understand my copywriting approach and to become a top copywriter. In these chapters, I present several axioms. Each one is in bold type and each one is critical to your understanding of my philosophy. The axiom presented in this chapter is very important and very dif cult to believe at rst. Understand this concept, believe in it and it will give you a good foundation for your future writing skills. Don t believe in it and you ll fall into the trap that many copywriters typically fall into. To introduce the concept, let s look at the CB radio ad on the next page, which ran from 1975 through 1977. The ad has all the elements you would expect any space ad to have. And to understand this rst axiom, I would ask my students to de ne the purpose of each of the 10 elements in an advertisement. The following is what we nally decided: 1. Headline: To get your attention and draw you to the subheadline. 2. Subheadline: To give you more information and further explain the attention-getting headline. 3. Photo or Drawing: To get your attention and to illustrate the product more fully. 4. Caption: To describe the photo or drawing. This is an important element and one that is often read.
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10.71 is therefore 1.6 x (VD - Vknee)/Imax. If we bias the 5 V, and /max = 50 mA, then RLopt - 144 Q. This is much smaller
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In the old days of Ubuntu (up to the 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon release), the Screens and Graphics utility was included so that you could manually change the video card and monitor settings for X.Org. Because the Ubuntu developers are striving for automatic detection of the video environment using the Screen Resolution utility, the manual Screens and Graphics utility has been removed from the menu system. However, for the time being it s still included in the Ubuntu distribution, and you can use it to customize your video environment. First, you need to add the Screens and Graphics utility to your menu. Follow these steps: 1. Select System Preferences Main Menu from the top panel. The Main Menu editor appears, as shown in Figure 16-9.
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35 30 Capacity (bits/sec/Hz) 25 20 15 10 5 0
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and corrected for bias by the factor /3.
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Fig. 6.6 Fig. 6.6 shows a cube. How can it be sliced with a flat knife to display a cross-section which is a regular hexagon Now suppose that many cubes are stacked in the usual way to fill space. How can this mass of individual cubes be sliced to show new hexagonal faces, in such a way that a new space-filling polyhedron is created
The Notes pane reappears.
If you don t feel you can oppose weak thinking, bad judgment, and faulty reasoning without adverse consequences to your career, then you d better ask yourself another question: Is this the environment that I consciously choose to support, forge a career in, and seek respect
8% 2.4% 14% Bonds Range
latest version of Windows Server, called Windows Server 2008 R2, shipped concurrently with Windows 7 in 2009. The R2 in Windows Server 2008 R2 stands for Release 2, and as that name suggests, it is indeed the second iteration of the original Windows Server 2008. But R2 didn t just ship concurrently with Windows 7. It was also developed concurrently, marking this product tandem as the first time since Windows 2000 that Microsoft co-developed client and server versions of Windows. This isn t marketing drivel, either. Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 are really the same product, and share the same code. The difference between the two is that Windows 7 is optimized for running end user applications and comes bundled with solutions that will be of interest to individuals. Server 2008 R2, meanwhile, is optimized for running background services and server applications, and can scale, or grow, to meet the needs of even the biggest corporations in the world. Windows everywhere, indeed.
HON-SUM PHILIP WONG IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center Yorktown Heights, NY
Like any animation, a game s motion is an illusion. Nothing on your screen really moves. That s true not only of gaming, but also of television and movies. One frame, or still picture, is shown, followed by another that s slightly different, then another, and on and on. When they re shown fast enough with small enough changes between one frame and the next, the viewer perceives fluid motion. The graphics subsystem of your computer doesn t move stuff around. It draws frames. As it draws frames, it works with the CPU to interpret changes between one frame and the next based on the point of view of the player. In one frame, a rocket is coming toward you. It takes a few frames for you to react. You dodge. The rocket, getting larger as it gets closer, now moves off to the side as you scramble out of the way. It happens in two seconds; your computer may have animated 120 or more frames.
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