As an online marketing expert and Internet pioneer, Brian Combs specializes in bringing measurability to marketing. Before founding Apogee Search with William Leake in 2002, Combs was director of marketing and business development for Journyx, the leading provider of web-based time- and expense-management solutions. At Journyx, he oversaw all marketing and strategic partnership activities. Since 2004, Apogee has grown to become one of the 20 largest SEO/PPC firms in the country, with clients in the hundreds. The company has achieved top Google rankings for clients on horrendously competitive keywords with high search volumes in spaces like consumer and auto finance, home security, consumer-packaged software, online education, and insurance-type products. Jerri: Where do you see the current state/importance of SEO Combs: The industry is still in the Wild West stage, but beginning to mature. As the ROI of SEO is difficult to track (although not impossible), many SEO firms (and individual SEOs) are able to get away with providing the appearance of value, while providing very little actual value. SEO, of course, can be a very effective marketing technique, but like all marketing, efforts must be made to track the results so that improvements can be made. Jerri: What can organizations do right now to improve their SEO Combs: Install a tracking system. Find out what actually works. Run a PPC campaign for 30 days to prove which keywords matter. Optimizing for keywords with no search volume will not provide any benefit. Put those keywords as the FIRST thing in their title tags. Start link building. Jerri: What should they be focusing on for future improvements Combs: Better content. Create compelling link bait. Continue link building. Invest more in a keyword selection testing campaign (PPC).
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Server-Side Development
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a new forest of domain trees option, and continue. You are asked to provide the name of the domain name next. This should come from your preplanning documentation and will reflect the top-level domain name that you have chosen for the company. In the example shown in Figure 11.8, this is the domain name for the company that is registered with an Internet authority such as the InterNIC. This sets up the possibility for a geopolitical model where the following first-level child domains may be set up as geographical domains, then further subdivided into divisions. Figure 11.8 displays this type of setup in the tree. Next, select the full DNS for the new domain, and select Next as in Figure 11.9. A NetBIOS name is required in the next screen (sigh!) for legacy support. This will be the NetBIOS name of the domain. In Figure 11.10, the name for the domain is technelogic, which supports down-level clients on a mixed-mode network. Figure 11.11 shows the way that this would appear in a Windows NT 4.0 Workstation client browse list. The NetBIOS names allow these clients to function on the Windows 2000 network. The Wizard now asks to verify the location of the directory databases and log files. The default should be acceptable in most situations. In the case of very large enterprise installations where domain controllers will be handling a very large amount of objects in the database, it would be best
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FIGURE 14.19
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CPU speed is the megahertz rating of the CPU. If you re unsure of your CPU speed,
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This applet enables you to con gure interface and input/output functions designed to assist users with various physical challenges, such as limited vision. You can con gure a variety of settings and features for the display, keyboard, mouse, and sound.
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4.14 With the ash aimed at the ceiling and covered with a diffusion dome, the light illuminating Mia is soft without any harsh shadows.
The client logon process in a Windows 2000 domain.
Figure 14-17: Even when there s no artist info, the Now Playing screen is pretty cool.
The restriction to zero-mean processes means no loss of generality, since any process 2: with mean m, can be translated into a zero-mean process X by
This section describes a number of basic signaling procedures between the mobile and the cellular mobile network (CMN). The focus is on the messages in the radiofrequency channels between a mobile (MS) and a base station (BS). The division of
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