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5: Using Visualization Techniques . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 175
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Why you want it: It delivers photos and other content to digital picture frames. Type: Online service. Windows Live FrameIt-compatible digital photo frames are available from a variety of companies, including Aequitas Technologies, Pandigital, PhotoVu, Smartparts, and ViewSonic. The idea is obvious enough: Windows Live FrameIt enables users to publish photo albums (and, curiously, certain non-photo content) to compatible frames over the Internet. The Windows Live FrameIt Web site ( is shown in Figure 23-17.
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In low-frequency cases, the terms containing capacitors in expression (12.304) could be removed; then the open-circuited voltage gain becomes Av,CS
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Part I
this unprecedented Knowing the reasons for the request or for entertaining your proactive suggestions also helps to calibrate the value proposition. One of the most important inherent aspects of a unique value proposition is the ability to proactively suggest improvement, and not merely respond to appeals to fix something. This is an implicit advantage for internal consultants over external consultants, but one not utilized nearly enough. After all, who is in a better position to observe what seem to be adequate operations and suggest further ways to improve performance and standards There s no way an external resource can do that. Moreover, even when called upon to solve a problem, there is the opportunity for an internal person to instead suggest raising the bar. Every client I ve ever met knows exactly what they want. But few know what they really need. The difference between what they think they want and what they really need is our value-added. Internal people are forever sitting around waiting for an alarm to sound, a customer to squawk, or the roof to fall in. They spend far too little time helping to establish preventive actions, anticipate demand, explore further improvements, and establish best practices. Yet there is far more value in raising the bar than there is in merely restoring performance to past levels after a decline. Figure 6.1 shows the difference between simply restorative actions and true breakthrough actions. Problem solving is a commodity, and today as testimony to that fact, is often done by most frequently asked questions on web sites, automated phone menus, and manuals that diagnose problems on flow charts. But innovation is a distinct and clear benefit, requiring new thinking, novel interventions, and gasp risk. Perhaps there is no greater factor repressing internal consultants than the fear of risk and failure. External consultants are willing to accept prudent risk in return for dramatic improvements. After all, our retirement plans, bonuses, and collegial relationships aren t with our client companies. But internal people would seem to have so much at risk that problem solving is attractive removing the pain, assuaging the hurt, eliminating the annoyance while innovation involves prohibitive risk disruption, violating the not broke/don t fix rubric, moving into areas without precedent.
33 Gaming: While Microsoft previously provided its Xbox Live service to Windows users via the lackluster Games for Windows - LIVE, Windows Phone marks the first time this service has made its way to the mobile space. So you can access the Xbox Live Spotlight feed (essentially the Xbox Live What s new feed), your Xbox Live avatar, Gamerscore, and other Gamer information, game requests (which are specific to the phone), Xbox Live games for Windows Phone, and more. To do so, Windows Phone provides a Games hub that functions much like other panoramic experiences on the device. What s interesting about this game support is that Microsoft is providing developers with a rich and familiar video game development environment that, get this, is compatible with both Windows and the Xbox 360. So in addition to getting a nice collection of Windows Phone specific games to choose from, it s possible and even likely that we ll see games that are written for all three platforms. And that you may in fact be able to start a game on, say, the Xbox 360 and the finish it on the way to work on your Windows Phone. Also possible, but much less likely, are games in which Windows Phone gamers could compete in real time against gamers on Windows or Xbox Live. To me, however, the exciting bit here is that Windows Phone opens up the Xbox Live service which is excellent and full-featured to a whole new class of device. And whether you re an Xbox 360 gamer or not, access to this service on Windows Phone makes these devices all the more interesting. If you were waiting for Microsoft to create a portable Xbox, wait no more: Windows Phone is it.
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You may occasionally hear Windows 7 s product editions referred to as SKUs. This term stands for stock keeping unit. While we typically use the more common terms product edition, version, and product versions throughout this book instead, these terms are all pretty much interchangeable.
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lDefinition of a linear subspace: let M be a non-empty set of elements of the vector space X . Then M is a linear subspace of X , if M itself is a linear space. This means that all linear combinations of the elements of M must be elements of M . Hence, X itself is a linear subspace.
Wireless LAN 1C Industry 133
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