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The Parting Surface in SolidWorks works best on planar parting lines that are convex all the way around. That is to say that it will work okay on a part with a parting line that looks like an O from the direction of pull, but may not work optimally on a part that looks like a C. In fact, it might be safe to say that the Parting Surface feature is in many cases unusable for any but the simplest parts. The part that I have been using as an example for this section is too much for the Parting Surface feature for two reasons: it is non-planar and the parting line has two concave areas (corners where handle intersects the housing). There are not enough options with this feature to make it work in situations in which it doesn t work by default. What this boils down to is for 70 percent or more of your Parting Surfaces, you will need to create your own manually, which I show you how to do in the next section. Just to show an example that does work, I have created a very simple part and brought it to this point using the Mold Tools process. When the process works as it should, and even when you have to create surfaces manually, you will wind up with one complete surface body in each of the Mold Tools Folders Cavity, Core, and Parting surfaces. From this you can see that the Parting Surface and Cavity Surface define the top side of the Cavity block. Likewise, the Parting Surface and the Core Surface define the top side of the Core block. In Figure 32.24, the Parting Surface is transparent so you can see both the Cavity and Core surface bodies. The grayscale image may not show this distinctly, but if you open the part from the CD-ROM, it will become obvious.
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Notes are the workhorse of SolidWorks annotations. You can use notes in many different configurations and mix them with links to custom properties, hyperlinks, and text wrapping boxes. You can also use them with styles, leaders, symbols, and balloons; and you can even embed balloons into notes.
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FIGURE 8.7 A plain Vista desktop
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MinSize (Public Instance Property)
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Network protocols define the common set of rules and formats that computers and applications use when communicating with one
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Push Pin. Keeps the dialog box active. New View. Creates a new custom-named view. Update Standard Views. Sets the current view to be the new Front view; all other views update relative to this change. This also updates any associated drawing views, but does not move any geometry or change plane orientation. Reset Standard Views. Resets the standard views so that the Front view looks normal to the Front plane (Plane1, XY plane). Previous View (undo view change). You can access this tool by pressing the default hotkey Shift+Ctrl+Z.
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If you don t disengage from the past, you ll have a hard time working in the present. But, worse, as a consultant, you ll have no future.
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