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The DIST Distribution String
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All of the edges that you select to be used with a curved Edge Flange must be tangent. This means that in Figure 29.15, neither of the Edge Flanges could have been extended around the ends of the part. You would need to create separate Edge Flange features for those edges.
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Volume 1
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While the Windows 7 desktop may artificially resemble that of previous Windows versions, Microsoft has actually imbued it with a number of unique desktop effects, sometimes called Aero desktop enhancements. These effects make Windows 7 a pleasure to use, are visually stimulating, and provide some important productivity advances.
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Part II: Building Intelligence into Your Parts
Part II Manipulating Data with Select
FIGURE 32.10
The Routing and Remote Access management console
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Saving the library feature
Edge effects The cells at the edge of the simulation area behave differently from cells near the center of the simulation area. This is because the cells near the edge have fewer neighbouring cells and henceless interference. Therefore, in order to reduce the effect of these edge cells, the statistical results can be gathered only from the cells near the center of the grid (i.e., from the active cells). Furthermore, when a mobile reaches the edge of the simulation area, it is randomly repositioned somewhere else in the simulation area. In order that this does not cause handover problems, active mobiles reaching the edge of the simulation areafinish their calls before they are repositioned. Extensive Statistical data gathering The Netsim simulator stores a large range of statistics from each simulation. For example, the probability density function of the number of simultaneous calls at each base station is stored. Furthermore, the simulation area can be dividedinto a fine grid, the resolution of which depends on the required accuracy of the statistical evaluation aimed for. Statistics can be gathered separately for each grid square, allowing coverage maps the simulation areato be generated. of Warmup period When the simulation is first begun, the number of active calls is far below the normal level. There is a latency, before the number of active calls is built up to the correct level, owing to the nature of the Poisson distributed call generation models [289,348]. Therefore,in order not to bias the results, simulations are conducted for a sufficiently long periodof time beforethe simulation statistics can be gathered. This period of time is referred to as a warmupperiod.
These all seem like good ideas on the surface. However, for some reason, the actual performance is often far from expectations. The expected good isolation seldom comes true although the expense for multiple metallic layers has been paid. Therefore, it seems worthwhile to study and then answer the following questions:
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