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Arrays allow you to group similar values in a list using a single variable name. You can then either handle the values as a whole by referencing the variable name or handle each value individually within the array by referencing its place in the array list. When you access data from a MySQL database, you ll need to use arrays. So, it helps to get a handle on them early. PHP groups database results into arrays based on the individual data records. When you query the database, PHP will push the returned data into an array. You ll then have to extract the individual data elements from the array so that you can display them in the proper location on the web page. You define an array variable in a normal assign statement that uses the array() function. The array() function creates a list of values instead of a just a single value:
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The following example illustrates the use of PrintDialog class. To make this code work, design a form with a button. Add the PrintDialog control to the form. Set the Text property of the button to Print. Also, add the PrintDialog control to the form. Attach the following code to the Click event of the Print button: Dim prnName As String 'Accept the name of the printer
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There are a few missing bits of functionality here. For example, while Word Mobile is smart enough to fl ag misspelled words, it can t help with grammar. And oddly enough, Word Mobile on Windows Phone is missing a few features that were available in Word Mobile for Windows Mobile. Chief among these are formatting features such as text alignment and word count.
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Part I
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SetDesktopBounds (Public Instance Method)
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learn from the project FIGURE 10.1 The consultant value cycle
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The Function wizard is a great tool for seeing the functions available in Calc and for getting a bird s eye view of your own formulas as you enter them into cells.
Spread Spectrum. CDMA belongs to a class of transmission methods called spread spectrum after the fact that the baseband data from the source is spread over a much wider bandwidth than the minimum needed for communication. The use of a wider bandwidth is compensated by the fact that multiple users can access that bandwidth concurrently, without interfering with each other. Different methods exist within the scope of spread spectrum, such as frequency hopping (FH) and direct sequence (DS). The CDMA systems described in this chapter use the direct sequence method [4 6]. Direct Sequence. With this method, the source s baseband digital signal is coded by cyclically repeating binary codes, called chipping codes because the bits in the codes are called chips. Code sequences are generated continuously in both mobile stations and base stations and run at a much higher rate than the baseband
$ ruby first.rb 53.3 $
When the upgrade is complete, Windows Anytime Upgrade will display information about the new version of Windows 7 you ve installed. Click Close to complete the upgrade (see Figure 2-45).
where k1 is the wave number of the incident radiation, and the root mean square (rms) roughness of the lens surfaces.20 The rst term in ap describes the attenuation inside the lens. The second term accounts for the surface roughness of the lenses. The aluminium lenses considered here have a roughness below 100 nm,20,37 The second term in ap is negligible compared to the rst one for aluminium lenses, and we can neglect the roughness in the following. As the attenuation increases towards the outer parts of the lens, the effective aperture Deff
TFTP See Trivial File Transfer Protocol. third party A general term used to describe a product that is not associated with your system s manufacturer or your own development efforts. That is, if it s not you and it s not Sun, it s third party. time to live (TTL) With respect to DNS, the length of time that an address is valid before an authoritative name server needs to be asked for it again. TMPFS See temporary file system. TODC Time-of-day clock. token (1) An indivisible unit of a programming language; (2) A succession of bits sent from one system to another to pass control (as in a token ring network); (3) A hand-held device used in certain three-factor security systems (e.g., SecurID). top A utility for looking at processes especially useful in determining which processes are using most of the CPU resources. traceroute A tool that traces the route that a packet takes over the Internet. Uses TTL and ICMP time-exceeded messages to report successive nodes in the route and timing. traffic The collection of packets (frames) on a network. Transport Control Protocol (TCP) The major transport protocol in TCP/IP. TCP provides a reliable connection-oriented stream delivery service and is one of the core Internet protocols. TCP provides a full-duplex connection between two machines on an internet and provides for efficient data transfer across networks across different communications protocols. Transport Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) A suite of protocols that forms the primary protocol on the Internet and most heterogeneous networks. Transport Layer Security (TLS) A protocol (and the IETF group working on it) for encrypted and authenticated communications. TLS is based on SSL. tree With respect to DNS, the entire structure starting from the root and descending to each and every host. Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) A simple file transfer tool. trust The process by which one system extends privileges to another (e.g., accepting a remote system s authentication of a user). On Unix systems, trust involves the /etc/hosts.equiv and ~/.rhosts files. tunneling The process by which one network connection is used to host others. UDP See User Datagram Protocol. UFS UNIX File System. UID User ID. UID number The numeric ID associated with a user. unbundled Not included as part of the original purpose. For Solaris, not part of the operating system, but purchased separately.
FIGURE 2.60 Customizing the Insert menu
Do not allow file and printer sharing. Full stop. Allow sharing with anyone with a user account and password for this computer. This means that your Public folder and shared printers may be available to some users. Allow sharing with anyone on the same network as this computer. This means that your Public folder and shared printers may be available to any users who happen upon them. Keep the custom settings I currently have.
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