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France Telecom recognizes three types of subscribers: conventional telephone subscribers, Transcom-ISDN subscribers, and ISDN subscribers [8]. Calls from telephone subscribers are handled on trunks with Socotel MF, basic (French) TUP, or Extended TUP (TUP-E) signaling. Transcom-ISDN subscribers can make 64-kb/s calls (only). These calls are set up by telephone subscriber signaling and have to be routed on digital trunks with TUP-E signaling. ISDN subscribers use a national form of ISDN access signaling and can make speech and data calls, which are also routed on digital trunks with TUP-E signaling exclusively. The purpose of TUP-E is similar that of British Telecom s NUP signaling. It has allowed the introduction of a number of ISDN services at a time that ITU-T had not yet de ned digital subscriber signaling (DSS) and ISUP (ISDN interexchange signaling) in suf cient detail. 9.6.3 TUP in the International Network
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This section describes the most important ISUP call-control messages. Since we have returned to SS7, we speak again of parameters. ISUP messages have mandatory parameters (always present in messages of a given type) and optional parameters (included only when necessary). The number of optional parameters and the number of messages that can include these parameters are much larger than in TUP. This gives ISUP messages the exibility to accommodate ISDN signaling requirements. This exibility also has resulted in a rather small number of callcontrol messages (about 10 in ISUP versus 30 in TUP).
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Because the electrical connector shown in Figure 19.1 has already been used to demonstrate the insertion of a Smart Component, it is used here to demonstrate how to create one. All that you need to make a Smart Component with an associated Smart Feature (in this case, a cutout and mounting holes) and mounting hardware (in this case, two stand-off screws) is the part itself. The part can even be an imported part (a Smart Component made from dumb geometry). From the CD-ROM for 19, open the file named 19 Connector Start.
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Figure 11.2. Select your printer manufacturer and model.
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1. Choose a name and password for your computer. Click Next. The password is optional, but it s a good idea. If you choose to password protect your computer, you ll need to re-type it for security purposes. 2. The next screen lets you set up a distinct name for your PC and also lets you choose your background picture. Type a computer name and select a background. Click Next. The name of your computer is the name that will appear on networks. A limited selection of background pictures is available. You can always change it later using the extensive collection in the Control Panel. 3. The next screen lets you determine how Windows Vista works with updates. Select update preferences and click Next. We recommend using Use recommended settings. 4. Select time and date settings and click Next. The default settings are based on your initial language and format selections set at the beginning of the installation. 5. Select your current location (see Figure 3.6).
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4 Choose File Save to save your stylesheet. 5 View your new page look in your browser.
It s fair to say that the success of Ruby on Rails owes a lot to its ability to wow developers during demonstrations. In very short order, you can build a very functional application. There s a demonstration video on the Ruby on Rails website ( that shows how to build a simple blog application in 15 minutes. And given your exposure to the previous list application, you can see that there s not a lot of code to write. However, there s a big difference between putting together a quick demonstration app and building a long-term, maintainable web application. Fortunately, Rails also excels here just not in as demonstrable a way. For the rest of this chapter, you ll look at a larger application called Pipeline (see Figure 17.8). Pipeline is intended for single developers who are managing their own businesses. With Pipeline, you can determine the health of your business in a single view by showing the three pillars of your business your accounts receivable (past work), your current jobs and tasks (current work), and your estimates for pending jobs (future work) all in one place. If you were thinking that there might have been some hints about Pipeline in earlier parts of this book, you d be right. The invoicing application you wrote in 16 and the list manager you wrote earlier in this chapter will both contribute code to the Pipeline project. In fact, that s part of the point; if you do your job right, the Model-View-Controller design pattern will yield highly reusable code. As with the list project that you just finished, you can find the completed Pipeline project on the companion website. While I highly encourage you to write this code yourself as I lay it out for you, I m only going to cover the foundations: the models, data migrations, and initial home page view. After that, I ll only be touching on the major features of the rest of the application to demonstrate particular techniques.
ISDN uses two types of channels: a B channel, which carries data at 64Kbps, and a D
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Figure 12-70: Videos, too, can be organized in Photo Gallery.
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