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In actual fact, the example is synthetic and the points have been generated by taking the line y = -2 - z, adding random normal errors (with mean 0 and standard error 0.6)to points 1 - 5, and a gross error of 12 to point 6. Thus fit 2 is the appropriate one, and it happens to hit the true line almost perfectly. In this case, only two parameters were involved, and a graph such as Exhibit 7.2 helped to spot the potentially troublesome point number 6, even if the corresponding residual was quite unobtrusive. But what can be done in more complicated multiparameter problems The difficulty is of course that a gross error does not necessarily show up through a large residual; by causing an overall increase in the size of other residuals, it can even hide behind a veritable smokescreen. It may help to discuss some conceptual issues first. What is the general model underlying the classical regression case It goes back to Gauss and assumes that the carrier X (the matrix X of the independent variables) is fixed and error-free. Somewhat more generally, regression can be treated as a conditional theory, given X , which amounts to practically the same. An implication of such a conditional model is that the task is not to find a best linear fit to the extended data matrix ( X .g ) , consisting of the matrix X of the independent variables, extended with a column containing the dependent variable y-which might be done with the help of a socalled least squares plane, corresponding to the smallest principal component of the extended data matrix-but rather to find a best linear predictor of not yet observed values of y for given new values z of the independent variable. The carrier X may be systematic (as in designed experiments), or opportunistic (as in most undesigned experiments), but its rows only rarely can be modeled as being a random sample from a specified multivariate distribution. Statisticians tend to forget that the elements of X often are not observed quantities, but are derived from some analytical model (cf. the classical nonlinear problems of astronomy and geodesy giving rise to the method of least squares in the first place). In essence, each individual X corresponds to a
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Scattering Mechanisms 3 At low longitudinal electric fields, the main scattering mechanism are
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This should just say Option, as there is only one. In any case, the Start Command When Creating New Drawing option causes this PropertyManager to open up immediately when a new drawing is created. If you click in the drawing window, then the prompt appears, telling you that you are not paying attention.
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While sketching, symbols appear on the cursor to show that a relation will automatically be created. These symbols have a yellow background, and will apply horizontal, vertical, coincident, tangent, parallel, and perpendicular relations. Figure 4.27 shows two situations where automatic relations are applied a horizontal and a tangent relation.
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Example 13.1
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7. Plug in the unit s AC power cord.
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PowerPoint detects the foreground object based upon your adjustment of the marquee.
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Many folks don t realize that DSL comes in several flavors. The most desirable is ADSL, which gives you the best speed by far (up to 2Mbps downstream and 640Kbps upstream); but if you re too far away to qualify for that variety, you may still be able to get IDSL, which is a lot slower than ADSL (144Kbps downstream) but still about three times faster than today s best analog modems. Other DSL variations exist between these two endpoints. All of them require that you have an Ethernet card in your computer for connecting up to the DSL terminal adapter. You can expect to pay around $50 per month in the US for residential DSL to a single PC; the setup costs vary all over the map (anywhere from free to US$500 as I write this), so shop around. Usually, if you qualify for DSL, you can get the service from more than one provider.
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Replace IPv6Address with the valid IPv6 address, and Integer with the pre x length. Replace string with the interface name on which to add the route. If you need to remove a route, use the following commands:
Parts inserted from the library parts folder can also take advantage of the Mate References functionality in the same way as Toolbox, by allowing parts to snap into place.
# projmod -c Performance Mgt perfmgt
Library features are simple to use, but difficult to set up. For that reason, this chapter discusses using them first, so that you know what kind of behavior you are trying to create. As a result, setting them up should make a little more sense. To use a library feature, you just drag and drop it onto the appropriate geometry. You are then prompted to select references in the new part that match the base geometry that the library feature is attached to. You can be fairly creative with references, but one of the goals is to make the library feature work with as few references as possible, in order to make it easy, fast, and reliable to use. SolidWorks software installs with several sample library features in the Design Library. The following demonstration uses some of these standard library features. Later, you can add library features from the CD-ROM to the Design Library.
Because the component name options are convoluted, obscure, and will need to be set on each computer where you would like to use them, I do not recommend them. It is simpler and more reliable to use either the default component name (which is the same as the filename) or the component description.
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The Gap setting enables you to specify how close you want the closed corner to be. Keep in mind that you cannot use the number zero in this field. If you do, then SolidWorks reminds you to Please enter a number greater than or equal to 0.00003937 and less than or equal to 0.86388126. It is good to know your limits.
SELECT LastName, (2 + (((DateDiff(yy, DateHire, 5/1/2002 ) * .1) + (DateDiff(mm, DatePosition, 5/1/2002 ) * .02) + (CASE WHEN Employee.PerformanceRating >= 2 THEN Employee.PerformanceRating ELSE 0 END * .5 )) * Dept.RaiseFactor))/100 as EmpRaise FROM dbo.Employee JOIN dbo.Dept ON Employee.DeptID = Dept.DeptID
Part II: Building Intelligence into Your Parts
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