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The Starter edition is, if you are reading this book, an edition you will most likely never, ever see. In an effort to combat the spread of pirated and counterfeit software, Microsoft created the Starter edition that is only available in countries that have emerging market status. The Starter edition is severely limited in terms of functionality; in fact, you can only open up to three windows at a time. This is also the only Windows Vista edition that does not have a 64-bit version; it can only be used in 32-bit. Quite frankly, this version is a bare-bones version of Windows Vista and would not do heavy-duty users much good. One can surmise that the idea behind the Starter edition is to try and prevent software piracy. Unfortunately, software piracy will probably never go away; however, by releasing Starter editions, software companies might be taking a big step toward reducing piracy since this version is
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Par.19 Optional Forward Call Indicators. This is an optional parameter in IAM messages, used in countries that offer CUG service (Fig. 11.2-11). Only bits B and A contain information: Bits BA 00 10 11 Non-CUG call CUG call; outgoing access allowed CUG call; outgoing access not allowed
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Technologies for providing high availability have come a long way since the first edition of this book. The increasing sophistication of cluster software servers, such as Veritas Cluster Server and Sun Cluster, are shifting the focus of systems management from servers to services. Grid computing is promising to provide computing resources across huge and heterogeneous networks. High availability has come of age.
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3. Double-click the C: drive and then double-click Program Files (Figure 12.21). 4. Locate the C:\DOOM 3 folder.
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2. Select Properties from the menu list. 3. Find the CPU information in the System Properties dialog box. The CPU information will tell you what type of processor is in the PC. Figure 2-1 shows a sample Properties dialog box from a Windows Vista workstation.
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Turning the camera on
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The Rollback feature is available through the right-mouse button menu. Just right-click a feature and select either Rollback or Roll to Previous. If you are already rolled back and you right-click below the Rollback bar, then you can access additional options to Roll Forward and Roll to End. Editing any feature other than the last feature also serves to rollback the model while you are in Edit mode. As soon as you rebuild the feature or sketch, SolidWorks rebuilds the entire design tree. The Tools Options View setting for Arrow Key Navigation enables you to use the up- and down-arrow keys to manipulate the Rollback bar. Under normal circumstances, the arrow keys control the view orientation, but after you have moved the Rollback bar once using the cursor, the up- and down-arrow keys control the Rollback bar. The left- and right-arrow keys have no effect on the Rollback bar.
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Posting in the support forums is straightforward. If you have a username, you can log on immediately and start posting your questions or helping other people with theirs. If you don t, however, follow these steps to get up and running quickly:
Hop-by-Hop Options: This header carries optional information that must be examined by every node along a packet s path. This header carries information such as the type of extension header immediately following and speci c instructions as to what should be done if the processing node does not recognize the option type and whether or not the option data may change en route. This header also identi es the length of the hop-by-hop header and contains padding options. Destinations Options: This header carries optional information that must be examined by the destination host. This header carries information such as the type of header immediately following, the length of the destination header, and padding options. Optional destination information may be contained in this header or in a separate extension header such as the fragment header or the authentication header. Routing: This IPv6 source node uses this header to list one or more intermediate modes to be visited along the path to the packet s destination. Fragment: The IPv6 source node uses this header to send a packet larger than the path MTU will accommodate. All fragmentation occurs at the source node, which is a departure from IPv4. Authentication: As de ned in RFC 2402, this header provides a mechanism for ensuring the connectionless integrity and data origin authentication of IP datagrams as well as an anti-replay option. It might also include a nonrepudiation mechanism, which provides the origination node with con rmation of packet receipt. Included in this header may be the authentication algorithm and keys, the encryption algorithm and keys, and other security-related parameters. Encapsulating Security Payload: As de ned in RFC 2406, this header provides con dentiality through encryption and limited traf c ow con dentiality. It also may provide connectionless integrity and data origin authentication of IP datagrams as well as an anti-replay option. IPsec (IP security) is a standards-based security suite that operates transparently and may eliminate the need for proprietary rewall mechanisms in some applications. IPsec also provides for
Giving Back
Uplink and downlink use different modulation formats: while the downlink employs classical OFDM, the uplink uses a format that can be interpreted as single-carrier transmission (compare to 19), but in LTE can be better characterized as DFT-precoded OFDM (Figure 27.7). The implementation of the downlink transmission is straightforward: the modulation is OFDM with 15-kHz subcarrier spacing. Data intended for different MSs are multiplexed onto the different RBs; each RB can employ a different modulation format. For each OFDM symbol, the overall signal is then subjected to an Inverse Fast Fourier Transform (IFFT) transformation; the cyclic pre x is prepended, and the signal is upconverted to passband for transmission (the more complicated case of multiantenna transmission is described in Section 27.3.7). For the uplink, an MS has a number of contiguous subcarriers available for signaling. The MS maps the symbols onto the input of a DFT whose size equals the number of subcarriers. The output of this DFT is then mapped onto the subcarriers, which are processed like in the downlink (IFFT, cyclic pre x, upconversion to passband). The combination of the DFT with the IFFT inherent in the OFDM implementation results in a single-carrier signal with cyclic pre x, which can be effectively equalized by frequency domain equalization (see Section 19.11). The bandwidth of the signal corresponds to the number of subcarriers used in the transmission, multiplied with the subcarrier spacing of 15 kHz (i.e., the same as for the uplink).
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External. External relations connect with an entity outside the active sketch. This includes the part Origin, or any model edges. The term external relations can also signify any relations outside of the part. Defined in Context. Any relation between features in one part in an assembly and another part is considered an in-context relation. Locked (Broken). External relations (outside the part) may be locked or broken to increase speed and to lock out parametric changes. There is no advantage of breaking relations rather than locking them. Both are ignored, but locked relations can be unlocked; broken relations can only be deleted. Selected Entities. Sketch relations are shown only for the selected sketch entities.
Part III Developing with SQL Server
6: Working with Vista s Free Tools
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