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Case Study Lest you believe that misguided beliefs and weak premises aren t major problems, consider this. I was working with one of the largest and most successful organizations in the world, long considered by the business press to be an exemplar of integrity and ethical conduct, while also providing shareholders with industry-leading returns. It was high on the most admired list. Yet I found in conducting focus groups on diversity, that a sizeable number of middle managers perhaps as many as 25 percent absolutely believed that Asians were not fit to hold supervisory positions because they were not able to confront problems directly due to their culture and heritage. These managers felt they were doing the company and Asian employees a genuine service by steering these individuals into sole contributor jobs in R&D, human resources, finance, and elsewhere. And, in fact, the number of Asian managers in the organization was inordinately low compared to the number of Asian employees. If well-run, well-respected, and well-meaning organizations can harbor and support people making this kind of ghastly misjudgment based on their interpretation of the facts, then what s going on every day in most other organizations I ll tell you what goes on: A lot of bad decisions based on very bad information and misguided beliefs. It s our job to blow the whistle on this stuff.
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smaller investment; I like the combo drives that read DVD-ROM and CD-ROM, and write CD-R and CD-RW.
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Some functions that are allowed in SolidWorks equations are often viewed as parlor tricks, but they actually do have some practical applications. The two functions that fall into this category are IIF and SWITCH. If you are familiar with a programming language, you may already be familiar with these two functions. If not, I describe them next.
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Examining the call dropping probability graphs in Figure 5.35 shows that the probability of a dropped call was significantly lower than that of the other soft handover algorithms considered for the samepropagation environment. This was because the handover algorithm was capable of taking the current interferencelevels into account when deciding whether to initiate a handover, additionally, the employment of the relative thresholds minimised the chances of making an inappropriate soft handover decision concerning the most suitable base
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Notice that the name of the executable program was referenced in the command line, but the gmon.out file was not. The gprof program automatically uses the gmon.out file located in the same directory. This example redirects the output from the gprof program to a file named gprof.txt. The resulting file contains the complete gprof report for the program. You can view that file in any text editor. Here s what the flat profile section looked like on my system:
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Part IV: Creating and Using Libraries
RESTORE DATABASE (or LOG) DatabaseName Optional-File or Filegroup PARTIAL FROM BackUpDevice WITH FILE = FileNumber, PASSWORD = Password, NORECOVERY or RECOVERY or STANDBY = UnDoFileName, REPLACE, STOPAT datetime, STOPATMARK = markname STOPBEFOREMARK = markname
Process Manager
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