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1) Set the reference RF input power of the signal generator at the required level. Set V1 and V2 of DC power supplies 1 and 2 to the required value, where the base of the transistor is connected to X1 and the collector of the transistor is connected to Y1. 2) Connect port B of the Vector Voltmeter to the B1 of the bidirectional coupler 1, read S11. 3) Connect port B of the Vector Voltmeter to the B2 of the bidirectional coupler 2, read S21. 4) Exchange V1 and V2 of DC power supplies 1 and 2, and reverse the test xture, that is, connect the base of the transistor i to Y1 and the collector of the transistor to X1. 5) Connect port B of the Vector Voltmeter to the B1 of the bidirectional coupler 1, read S22. 6) Connect port B of the Vector Voltmeter to the B2 of the bidirectional coupler 2, read S12. 13.3.5 Calibration of Network Analyzer The network analyzer is a powerful tool in the measurement of an RF circuit block or system; calibration is an essential step before the test or measurement is conducted. Figure 13.12 depicts the layout for a DTU on a PCB. Its input terminal is point A and its output terminal is point B. For simplicity, the detailed layout of the DTU is replaced by a blank rectangular block with its DC power supply terminal Vdd and its zero capacitors. At the input and output ports, a micro strip line leads from the input and output SMA connector to the circuit block. The characterized impedance of the micro strip line is 50 . One can carry out calibration by means of the standard calibration kit, which is provided by the manufacturer. There are four basic calibration procedures: open ,
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Figure 11.15. The e-mail editor-like New Fax window.
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Molybdenum (Mo) doping in the poly or crystalline Si has also proved effective in alleviating the narrow-line effect of TiSi2 .47' 4 8 In contrast to a regular TiSi 2 process with two RTP steps, Ti can react with Mo-doped poly and directly form the 4 low-resistance C54 phase TiSi 2 with a one-step, low-temperature (650'C) RTP. 1 Mo is believed to serve as a catalyst thai makes the transformation to C54-phase TiSi 2 much easier at low temperature. Figure 10.17 compares the narrow-line effect of several TiSi 2 processes (viz., As or Ge PAI, Mo-doping, and conventional) and a typical CoSi 2 process. The PAI cases have good narrow-line effect down to LG = 0.12 tm, but have the problems mentioned before. The Mo cases have reasonably good narrow-line effect and without many drawbacks, while the conven-
# Move the ButtonBorder layer beneath the Button layer in the Layers palette.
Note that in a time-invariant, frequency-selective channel, the number of independent channel realizations depends on the ratio of system bandwidth to coherence bandwidth of the channel. If this value is small, there might not be a suf ciently ensemble to obtain good averaging.
Wnl LG= 15 1 ............ ,_ Wn/ L(= 20 Wn/L 0 = 30
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So con dent were they that they were willing to pay for the cost of my test ad. Joe, this product is so hot that you ll sell millions, said the president of the company. At the time, prices were still quite high for calculators, so $69.95 was a very attractive price back then for a good desk calculator with a large display. APF had sold their calculators successfully at $69.95 but felt that with their latest innovation, they had the ultimate product for my company truly a revolution in electronics (or so they thought). What s the innovation I asked. The company president and his national sales manager unwrapped a special box to show me their prototype. The calculator was the same calculator they had been selling for the past year but with a new feature a clock that ran in the calculator display when the calculator wasn t being used. What do you think the president beamed. We plan on selling this for $99.95. I didn t like the idea. I explained that the consumer felt that a calculator was a serious business tool, turned on when it was needed and turned it off when it was not. I had been selling them for almost two years and had a pretty good sense of the product and its emotional appeal. Putting a clock into the display and keeping the calculator on all the time was not in harmony with what would impress the consumer and therefore it would not be successful. Increasing the price was a mistake. If I had a choice, I would have offered the product for less, or about $39.95, in order to get rid of their inventory. I just felt that it wouldn t sell. The company president didn t believe me. What he blurted out. It costs more to make than the standard model and it s so revolutionary why should we even consider selling it for less I agreed to write an ad to prove my point. I will write a great ad and let you approve it. I will then run the ad in the Wall Street Journal. We ll measure the response and if it s successful, we ll create a nice advertising campaign for you. I sent APF the ad and they loved it. If this doesn t work, I m getting out of the calculator business, said the president. And so I ran the ad. It failed miserably. The product was closed out at $39.95
Part II Manipulating Data with Select
FigurE 9-18: Did you want to grab a coffee or see a movie after dinner
the auto focus to manual and set the lens for the closest focus point. Then move the camera and lens forward or backward to change the focus. This results in the maximum magni cation of that lens.
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