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POLYCAPILLARY X-RAY OPTICS radiation. The experimental scheme of the beamline is shown in Figure 3.3.16. Previously, at this beamline, straight or elliptical monocapillary tubes were used to collimate/concentrate the polychromatic white radiation for trace-level microXRF experiments.29 Monochromatic radiation was never used since the intensity of the resulting microbeam was insuf cient to allow trace-level measurements within reasonable spectrum collection times. Using lenses manufactured at Beijing Normal University (BNU, Beijing, P.R. China) and X-ray Optical Systems (XOS, Albany, NY, US), beams of, respectively, 34 53 m and 10 40 m were produced in the energy range 5 24 keV. The observed transmission of about 40 % at 10 keV for the BNU lens compared well with a simulation where the assumed sur face roughness of the glass is 5 A.30 Gain factors in the range 100 400 (for the BNU lens) and 1000 2500 (for the XOS lens)31 were obtained. Above 17 keV, however, a signi cant halo surrounds the focal spot of focussed X-rays. The halo is due to two effects: at very high energy (>30 keV), X-ray photons can penetrate through
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Building a Home Network
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Summary Questions 10 Exploiting Path Traversal Common Vulnerabilities Finding and Exploiting Path Traversal Vulnerabilities
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in by the humid environment. Rather, several cycles of leaching and layer separation seemed to have taken place. This hypothesis was con rmed by -XRF scans along the depth of the corrosion layers51 and by -PIXE measurements.22 The migratory patterns of major and minor elements, which are related to the size of the ions and their chemical bonds in the glass network, were reconstructed. While the Ca leaching is evident with a concentration that decreases by a factor 10, some of the elements (K, Ti, Fe, Br) are enriched and uniformly distributed over the corrosion layer. Most trace elements are also enriched in the corrosion layers, except those (Sn, Zr) which are part of the glass network and remain almost constant. Manganese has a more differentiated pro le, with maxima and minima within the corroded area. During the mechanical separation of the leached layer from the glass bulk, one expects in the interstices some precipitation of Mn, possibly accompanied by the concentration of trace elements brought in by ground water. This has been clari ed by the -XANES technique. The K absorption edge of Mn shifts upwards by several eV if the oxidation state of Mn changes from 2+ to 4+. Selective mapping of Mn can be done by looking at the SR-XRF maps performed at two beam energies: 6.550 keV, which is only just above the absorption edge of Mn2+ and 6.564 keV where also Mn4+ is above the absorption edge. By difference, the chemical Mn4+ (MnO2 ) map is obtained (Figure 7.3.16). MnO2 is concentrated only in cavities that have separated two subsequent corrosion layers formed in the repetitive leaching sequence.
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You may transfer files by:
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Lowest CI
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Al Si 3000 Cts/chn 2000 Mg Na 1000 0 0 0.5 1 Energy (keV) 1.5 2
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This permission enables the user to take ownership and perform all the actions of the following permissions. This permission enables you to authorize users to delete the folder under management and all earlier permissions. This permission enables you to authorize the user to traverse the folders from a root folder down. It also enables the user to read the les and execute applications in the folder under management and all subfolders. This permission is the rst that provides access to the folder s contents. Without this permission, the user would get the dreaded Access Denied message. This permission enables the user to see ownership, permissions, and le attributes. All Write permissions are grayed out. Use this permission to authorize the user to create les and folders in the folder. It also gives the user the capability to change le attributes and view ownership and permissions. This permission enables the user to see les and subfolders in the folder under management. This permission s checkbox is not selectable until special or advanced permissions are enabled. Advanced permissions are accessible only by clicking the Advanced button.
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FIGURE 15-22 Creating a logon script in Notepad to map users to home folders in the domain DFS.
There is a clue to the deeper meaning of Pythagoras in the tessellation shown in Fig. 8.19. This tessellation can be obtained from a chessboard tessellation of identical squares, by shifting them apart in two directions. By varying the amount of movement, squares of any two sizes (as well as different sizes of rectangles) can tessellate the plane, repeating for ever. This repetition is regular, and we can join corresponding points, such as the top left corners of the large squares, to form another, sirnpler, tessellation (Fig. 8.20). Each thin-line square is the square on the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle whose other sides are the sides of the two original sizes of squares. The double tessellation shown in Fig. 8.20 now proves Pythagoras' theorem: either we can say, 'over the whole plane, there is one large square (forming the thin grid) for each pair of medium-and-small squares, so the large square equals to the sum of the other two in area'; or we can actually pick out the dissection which will cut the large square into five pieces which fit together to make both the smaller squares (Fig. 8.21). This proof is far, far simpler than Euclid's. It is so simple, in fact, that we might find it suspicious: we seem to have proved a theorem that in Euclid takes a couple of dozen lines and a string of arguments, by just looking at a picture. Have we missed something out What have we assumed surreptitiously, without acknowledgement We made at least two basic assumptions: firstly, that it is possible to tile the plane with identical squares in a chessboard pattern; secondly, that it is possible to slide them over the plane without distorting them in any way, to create a pattern of identical small squares in between them. Now we are getting somewhere: Pythagoras depends directly on some very simple and basic facts about the surface that the figure is drawn on - and that is why it is so important. If we can tile that surface with identical squares, and slide the squares about in the manner described, then Pythagoras' theorem will be true. If we cannot, then we can plausibly assume that Pythagoras will be untrue. This is so. On a circular cylinder, we can arrange and move squares as described (because a cylinder can be cut and Fig. 8.21
Member servers Changing the role of any of these servers equates to a reinstall of the O/S. Figure 11.1 system. A typical Windows NT deployment showing the fixed nature of the operating
Part I
If you use a wired network card to access a broadband connection, most likely Ubuntu automatically detected and configured it for you during the installation process. You can tell by looking for the Network Manager applet icon on the top panel of your desktop. Ubuntu provides drivers to automatically detect and install many types of wired network cards. If Ubuntu doesn t detect your network card, you ll have quite a bit of work ahead of you. The easy solution is to find a network card that Ubuntu supports. Otherwise, you ll need to find the Linux driver for your network card, install it in Ubuntu, then use the modprobe command to insert the network card drivers into the Linux kernel. After all that s done, Ubuntu should recognize your network card.
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The Offset Entities command may fail if the offset distance is greater than the smallest radius of curvature, and you are attempting to offset to the inside of the arc. n
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