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1 Click the File tab. 2 Click Print.
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Figure 20-14: The Favorites Center provides a holding pen for your Favorites, browser history,
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Part II
Files or programs from the share will not be available of ine.
Using the Insert Bends Method for Sheet Metal Parts
You may be wondering what the experience is like running a standard user account to which Parental Controls have been applied. For the most part, it s just like running a standard account normally, but certain actions will trigger Parental Controls blocks, depending on how you ve configured Parental Control restrictions. For example, if the user attempts to log on to the system during a restricted time period, he or she will be prevented from doing so, as shown in Figure 8-18.
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Notice that on low resolution or non-maximized SolidWorks windows, you can run into some space problems if the Menu Bar Menu is pinned open. The SolidWorks window in Figure 2.9 is maximized at 1024 768 resolution, which is a common resolution when using digital LCD projectors or small notebook computers. The changes in the SolidWorks interface need to be examined with display size in mind. You might consider having different sets of settings for using a laptop at a docking station with a large monitor, using the laptop with a small monitor, or using the computer with a low resolution digital projector.
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