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You can edit or remove the note using the Notes section.
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Figure 11.17. Three-dimensional multifunctional circuits on plastics. (a) Schematics and circuit diagrams of inverter (top) and oating gate memory (bottom) elements. (b) Optical image of inverters (layer 1) and oating gate memory (layer 2) on Kapton. (c) DC inverter characteristics. Inset shows functional devices on exible Kapton substrate. (d) Hysteresis in current-voltage characteristics of a memory layer element. (e) Switching characteristic of the memory device. [Reprinted with permission from Ref. 75. Copyright 2007 American Chemical Society.] (See color insert.)
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You can also apply ratings directly to thumbnails if you configure Photo Gallery to display in Thumbnails with rating or Details view. In these cases, the ratings stars will appear below, or right next to, each image thumbnail. As you should expect by now, you can select multiple images and apply ratings to all of them simultaneously. To remove ratings, right-click one or more rated images and choose Clear rating from the pop-up menu that appears.
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be done either by comparison of results from various simulation codes (e.g. Al-Ghorabie et al., 2001) or comparing simulated data directly to experimental results (Fajardo et al., 1998; Vincze et al., 1999b). The latter validation method is discussed in this section. A recently established experimental set-up, called ID18F, at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) for microscopic XRF is shown in Figure 6.1.6 (Somogyi et al., 2001). At this instrument the above-discussed MC simulation coupled with a sophisticated spectral deconvolution software provides a no-compromise, general solution for the XRF quanti cation problem (Vekemans et al., 1995, 2002). Two examples of simulated and experimental XRF spectra measured at this beamline are shown in Figure 6.1.7 for a NIST SRM1832 thin glass calibration standard and for a NIST SRM1577b Bovine Liver biological reference material. The spectral distributions correspond to monochromatic excitation by a 21 keV microbeam of 3 14 m2 . Relative deviations between simulated and experimental uorescent line intensities of 2 4 % for the glass standard and 1 12 % for the more heterogeneous biological standard have been achieved (Vekemans et al., 2002), which illustrates the high potential of the method as an XRF quanti cation tool.
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of the text shadow"), _ Category("Appearance")> _ Public Property ShadowColor() As System.Drawing.Color Get Return m_ShadowColor End Get Set(ByVal Value As System.Drawing.Color) m_ShadowColor = Value Me.Refresh() End Set End Property
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of cerium oxide lms, 223 225 of CIGS, 211 215 future applications of, 455 of Gd2Zr2O7 (GZO), 225 of oxide superconductors, 218 223 of Tl Bi Sr Ba Ca Cu O, 219 222 Electroless deposition, 199 of CIGS, 215 218 Electroluminescence (EL), 362 366. See also EL spectra Electroluminescent displays, ink jet systems in, 393 Electrolyte-bath composition, 222 Electromagnetic interference (EMI), 21 Electroneutrality principle, 208 Electronically functional inorganic nanoscale inks, 380 381 Electronic circuits, direct assembly of, 358 Electronic conductivity, in semiconductor nanocrystal arrays, 325 Electronic devices, solution processing of, 131 Electronic materials, based on nanoparticle assemblies, 323 330 Electronic measurements, on multicomponent nanocrystal solids, 332 Electronic paper, 459 460 Electronics cofabrication with physical structures, 8 large-area, 407 409 nanowire, 358 366 technologies, 1 2 Electronic system, 3D integrated functional, 370 372 Electron transport, solid-state, 302 Electrostatic spray coating, 52 Elemental analysis, 59 Ellipsometry, 59, 291 292 EL spectra, 362. See also Electroluminescence (EL) Energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS), 160. See also EDS entries Energy needs, xiii Energy release rate, 419
The impact of the element pattern can be neglected.
where gi ( k ) is the normalized power gain, k is the antenna orientation angle, and is the 3-dB beamwidth of the antenna, which is around /3 for a six-sector antenna. The channel impulse response used for each sector of the antenna includes all paths arriving in that direction with appropriate attenuation given by the antenna pattern. The overall impulse response for an omnidirectional antenna includes all paths. The technique used in Section 9.5 will be used for performance evaluation of systems with omnidirectional and sectored antennas, using the appropriate channel impulse response in each case. For the sectored antenna the impulse response associated with the sector receiving maximum power is used in the calculations. In other words, ideal selection combining is assumed to be used to process the diversity branches provided by the sectors of the antenna. Other diversity combining techniques or selection criteria may result in better performance in some cases, but selection diversity is considered the most attractive technique, due to its relative simplicity of implementation. To compare the performance of omnidirectional and sectored antennas, the received unfaded SNR 1 m from the transmitter is assumed to be the same for both antennas. As an example of calculation of the unfaded SNR, assuming that the received bandwidth B is 10 MHz, the noise temperature T is 290 K (17 C), the transmitter power is 100 mW, and the received front-end noise gure is 9 dB. Then the thermal noise, kTB, is 104 dBm [Lee89] at the receiving antenna, and thus the net noise level is 95 dBm. If we assume that the attenuation 1 m from the transmitter is 35 dB, the unfaded SNR will be 80 dB for both omnidirectional and sectored antennas. 9.6.1 Performance Prediction in an LOS Environment Of ce environments often include large, open inner areas. A simple square-room LOS environment will now be used to compare the performance of the four types of modems being examined. The receiver is assumed to be located at the center of the room, and the transmitter is located at many different locations throughout the room. Figure 9.21 illustrates outage probabilities versus data rate for systems using different modems in a 30- 30-m room. The transmitter power is assumed to be 100 mW. This gure illustrates that if a system with an omnidirectional antenna is used in a 30- 30-m room, the data rate can reach only 3 Mb/s, with an outage rate of 0.01, for an acceptable error rate of 10 5 . If a six-sector antenna system is used, and the selection criterion is to choose the sector with the highest received power, a data rate of 20 Mb/s can be achieved, whereas a system with a DFE can only reach a data rate of less than 15 Mb/s. The results in the gure indicate that a DFE modem with three forward taps and three feedback taps can operate successfully at a data rate of around 10 Mb/s but shows very high outage probabilities at data rates beyond about 15 Mb/s. However, it can be seen that a DFE modem operating with a sectored antenna can operate successfully at data rates up to about 40 Mb/s. Figure 9.22 shows outage probabilities versus unfaded SNR at 1 m from the transmitter for a BPSK modem operating at three different data rates with sectored antennas in a 30- 30-m room. It can be seen that the probabilities of outage show little sensitivity with respect to unfaded SNR when the transmitter power level is in the region of high unfaded SNR. Figure 9.23 shows the probabilities of outage versus room size (square room with one wall length given) for different modems with a transmitter power of 100 mW at a data rate of 20 Mb/s. For a room smaller than 20 20 m, it is dif cult to conclude from these results whether the sectored antenna or the DFE delivers better performance.
Part VI
This equation assumes that the channel gain is the same for all received symbols and that the channel gain has been compensated by the receiver. If this is not the case, then we have to minimize the expression: min
To print one or more calendar(s) from Windows Live Calendar, make sure the calendars you want to include are selected. Then, pick the view you want Day, Week, Month, or Agenda, or To-do list for that matter from the tabs at the top of the display. Next, click the Print icon. Your Web browser will load a new page, as shown in Figure 22-30, with a rough approximation of the Windows Live Calendar view you selected. If you picked Day, Week, or Month, you can also optionally select the Include event list option to add a nice list of the calendar-based events below the Calendar view. Click the Print link at the top of the window to print the page.
In order to get started with Microsoft s Windows Live Writer, fire up the application. If it is your first time setting up a blog in Windows Live Writer, follow these steps to get up and running:
11: Keeping Up, Backing Up, Disaster and Recovery
Destructors in PHP 4 do not explicitly exist; however, developers can use a manually invoked method that cleans up after the object in a destructor-style way. In PHP 5, there are two built-in constructor and destructor methods: __construct() and __ destruct(). When a class is instantiated, the __construct() method is automatically called and the __destruct() method, if included, is automatically executed for trash collection and cleanup when an object is destroyed (see Listing C.2). In PHP 5, if the __construct() method doesn t exist, a PHP 4-style constructor is used.
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