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Of course, if you want to iterate through an array of hashes, you can use the each method and then run the array through a block, just as you learned in 16:
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This opens the Per Site Privacy Actions page. (See Figure 4-26.)
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System Restore is the underlying technology that makes Previous Versions, discussed in 24, possible. Each time System Restore is run, it creates a previous version of files that have changed since the last backup or system restore operation.
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Digit Imitation. When a key on a keypad telephone is depressed, the transmitter is disabled. However, there are intervals (between digits) during DTMF signaling when no key is depressed. During these intervals, the transmitter is enabled and may pick up speech, music, or noise in the vicinity of the calling subscriber. These sounds should not imitate DTMF digits. The DTMF frequencies have been chosen to minimize digit imitation, by making DTMF tone pairs distinguishable from naturally occurring sounds [5]. Naturally occurring sounds contain tone pairs whose frequency ratios are simple fractions (such as 1:2, 3:5, 2:3, 3:4, 4:5). Suppose now that a sound has a 1336-Hz component. This is detected in the digit receiver by the frequency-selective circuit tuned to this frequency. The most likely companion frequencies in this sound are listed below:
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At the self-resonant frequency,
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18: Adding Social-Media Optimization . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 247
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Using the Ubuntu Server
The nominal value or mean, m, and tolerance by percentage, , of parts are provided by the manufacturers. In the Monte Carlo analysis, the second objective is to ask for the iteration number in sampling the random variables. The iteration number must be set high enough so that the simulated results can re ect all the possible variations due to the parts tolerance. However, too many iterations may increase simulation time to an unacceptable level. In a practical simulation, the number of iterations is usually set to Iterations 50 100. (17.15)
The pattern is very strong. The even numbers and the odd numbers occur in overlapping pairs, as it were. This pattern can be made even stronger, and smoother, by writing it like this:
If you decide that the entire animation is too fast or too slow, you can also adjust this easily. Drag the right-most key point on the very top row with the Alt key depressed. This scales the entire animation up or down.
The routing table matches network destinations with a gateway that can send the packets to the remote network. The routing table always includes at least two entries. One entry is the default route, This route defines the gateway to use by default for sending packets to any network on the Internet. Usually this gateway is the IP address of your broadband modem connection. The other route defines the local network your Ubuntu workstation is connected to. In the example in Figure 14-10, the workstation is connected to the public network address and uses the default gateway to send packets to this network. The active network services selection displays a list of what network ports are currently in use on the workstation. Different software packages use different network ports to listen for incoming connections. Many network servers are assigned standard network ports, such as TCP port 80 for web servers and TCP port 25 for email servers. The network port list includes the current state of the port. TCP uses 11 states to define what mode the network port is in. These states are shown in Table 14-1.
Using Security Groups with GPOs
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