The Fit Spline feature fits a spline to a set of sketch entities within the specified tolerance. It can be a useful tool for smoothing out sketch geometry. Do not exit the Fit Spline by pressing the Enter key as you do with other commands, because it simply exits you out of the command without creating a spline.
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There are many special directories within each of these file systems that stand out as being worthy of individual explanation and attention. These are the directories in which major system functions are configured and/or managed. /etc The host-specific configuration files are stored in /etc. If you are not running NIS or NIS+, the hosts, passwd, and shadow files determine which hosts your system knows about (aside from DNS) and who can log in. Other files include important configuration files for example, those for the init (inittab), the inet daemon (inetd.conf), and the syslog facility (syslog.conf). The /etc directory also includes the configuration file for sendmail (/etc/mail /, along with other sendmail files, and, at many sites, also contains configuration files for Web and news servers. We discuss some of the directories here. /etc/cron.d Configuration information for cron (but not the cron files themselves) are stored in this directory. The cron files for each user are stored in /var/spool/cron/crontabs. The files for the at command are in /var /spool/cron/atjobs. /etc/default The default settings for many services (e.g., policies about whether root can login remotely) are stored in this directory. We discuss the contents of /etc/default later in this chapter.
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Working with Drawing Views
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In 2002, the maximum concentration of wireless LAN equipment vendors was in Taiwan, which is fast emerging as a popular outsourcing destination for most global vendors. South Korea is another market in which a number of local players compete with multinational vendors. The leading players who have captured significant market share in 2002 are Buffalo (Melco), Cisco, D-link, Avaya, lO-Data, NEC, Corega, Agere, MMC, and Samsung Electro-Mechanics. Between themselves, their revenue accounted for about $154.80 million out of the total revenue of $189.31 million in the first half of 2002. The enterprise-class products roughly accounted for over 70 percent of the market, whereas the SOHO and the retail segment accounted for the rest. The enterprise-class product vendors are moving toward offering end-to-end wireless network solutions rather
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7: Selecting Features
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Tracking and maintaining relationships
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Status bar
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Feature Scope
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3 Click the down arrow ( ) next to
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Te= I X 10- 5 s.
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In ( ) is the modi ed Bessel function of the rst kind, order n. The fading margin is given by: 2 2 (1 + Kr ) r2 = 2 2 rmin rmin (5.32)
4. Click Run.
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In addition to turning Sensor alarms on or off, you can also suppress Sensors when they are no longer needed or to improve performance. Sensors are a great way to keep an eye on particular values, such as wall thickness or clearance between parts. You can use a Sensor to monitor any value you want to monitor but don t drive directly.
Must ensure that the circuit block is in normal performance or that all the goals of performance are satis ed.
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