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SolidWorks tends to display many default values as .39 in or some multiple variant. This is because SolidWorks thinks in metric units, and .39 inches corresponds to 10 millimeters.
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59.5 m 59 m m-ion chamber Si(Li) 58 m Air 56 m Kapton 39 m 33 m Be window 30 m 0
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Intersection Curve, in 2D sketches, creates sketch entities where the sketch plane intersects selected faces. In 3D sketches, the Intersection Curve sketch tool creates sketch entities where any types of selected faces intersect. This can be an extremely useful tool in many situations. Face Curves applies the underlying U-V isoparameter mesh to a selected face. It is most commonly used as an evaluation tool for complex surfaces, but you can also use it to create curves to rebuild faces. Accepting the results by clicking OK creates a separate 3D sketch for each spline. Figure 3.22 shows the original surface and the results of using face curves on a complex lofted surface.
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Using the SketchXpert to resolve an overdefined sketch
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17: Ruby on Rails
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These are the resources that you ll need when you develop web applications: MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual. This is the official guide to the MySQL database server. You ll use these commands to learn the syntax to manage your databases: http:// PHP Documentation. Just as PHP is easy to learn, its documentation is one of the best available. The PHP site is the best reference to the language, providing transparent access to the functions as well as examples and extensive user feedback: www.php. net/docs.php. Ruby Core Reference. The Ruby API provides complete documentation for every method in the language. It s a little difficult to navigate, but it should make sense in time: RailsGuides. This site provides tutorials on the common workings of Ruby on Rails. If you need to know how even the most basic technology works, this is the place to start: RailsBrain. This site provides a JavaScript-enhanced reference guide for the Rails API. You can type in the method you want to learn about, and the list automatically displays what you re looking for. I find it much easier to use than the standard reference, which works like the Ruby documentation:
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FIGURE 10.14 The interface where you can create the design table, and the resulting blank design table
Cleaning mode
It occurs to you that, if you started with fouT points, then the condition would be 2D - 2C + 2B - 2A + X = X, which simplifies to D - C + B - A = 0 which does not depend on X. You decide to investigate what this means - turn to Frame 33.
Configuring Report History Settings
Figure 17.3 Principle behind time division multiple access.
4. Accept the default volume size.
Encrypting and decrypting through Windows Explorer
I think that s the key. A lot of companies like the concept of SEO, but they don t have the infrastructure to support it and it fizzles out over time. You have to have a unique approach with every company or client to see phenomenal success. Some will do better with a certain strategy than others, since certain target markets just aren t going to be receptive to different techniques. It s a matter of understanding your customers how they search and how they think, what words do they use when they search What phase of the buying or information gathering cycle are they in when they get to your site And once you understand the customer, it s much easier to reach them. Jerri: What kind of changes to you think that social media are going to have on SEO Drysdale: With recent updates on Google and Ask, I think it s more apparent than ever before that certain industries need to make a concerted effort to be everywhere! This means developing videos, blogs, generating news articles, and having a presence on social networks. When we talk about social media, most people think about MySpace and Facebook, but there are hundreds of specific niche networks that are worth marketers attention. For example, Caf Mom and Stylehive are terrific networks for the beauty and fashion industry. Would you rather spend thousands on poorly targeted MySpace ads or hundreds on a highly targeted presence that will generate much greater conversions If marketers can start a conversation on those networks, beyond ads, the return is even greater. They will naturally build a following, which will in turn produce qualified backlinks and content. The SEO implications are huge if social media campaigns can be successfully implemented and maintained. Jerri: How important do you think that vertical markets will be in the future Drysdale: I don t see them going anywhere if that s what you mean. Verticals offer a more targeted method of finding information. So I think people will use them, and they will continue to grow. I know that Google is trying to organize all of the world s information, but ultimately, if users can narrow their search right from the start, they will, and verticals make that possible. A quick side note, Google s reliance on backlinks for rankings limits them when it comes to highly relevant, recent web content. The universal search update should allow for postings of recent news and blog articles, but if I m looking for something specific that s just a few weeks old, more often than not I have to resort to creative search behavior or verticals to find the information. So, until Google or the other engines can account for new content, I see verticals maintaining or increasing in popularity. Jerri: What other trends do you think will affect SEO over the next 18 24 months Drysdale: I m a little concerned about personalized search but not immensely so. I think it s still in its infancy and the search engines are dabbling in it to see what they can do. It s a little disconcerting as a marketer, because I can t tell how the search results differ for a user in Montpelier, Vermont, versus San Jose, California, or even in my own city if they have radically different search behavior from other users. From an SEO standpoint, you can t tell where traffic comes from and how it reaches you, which makes it difficult to track changes. I m all about the numbers and if I can t see the numbers I feel like I m flying blind, which is never a good thing.
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