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Once you have created the subassembly, you can add or remove components using the drag-anddrop method. For example, Figure 12.6 shows the cursor that indicates that the part named Left Crank is being moved into the subassembly named bike crank. To move a part out of a subassembly, simply drag the part into the upper-level assembly.
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Now that you have restored the default settings, you can begin customizing the interface with the CommandManager. To do this, open a part document or create a new one, then RMB click anywhere on the CommandManager, and deselect the Use Large Buttons with Text option, as shown in Figure 2.39. When you have done this, the check mark should no longer appear in front of the option.
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As a writer, I can honestly say that this feature alone is worth the upgrade. I don t know how many times I ve accidentally overwritten a Word file that I meant to turn in to my publisher or editor, and then had to go to extraordinary means to recover the overwritten version. With Shadow Copies, I no longer have to worry about this problem.
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where the voltage Ut is a constant. This function can be approximated by a quadratic function only as long as the voltage is low. (a) Show that the diode current contains a DC component. (b) What spectral components are created by the diode How can they be eliminated (c) How large is the maximum diode current if the error (due to the difference between ideal quadratic and exponential behavior) in measured power is to remain below 5% 5. An ampli er has cubic characteristics:
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You can prevent a feature from automatically combining with other bodies by turning off the Merge Result option. This holds true between features, but not across all bodies in a part. For example, if an extrude feature uses the Merge Result option, all of the bodies that it touches become merged together, but if the original extrude feature does not touch a body, it will not be merged. This option is shown in Figure 26.15 and is found on all features that create new solid bodies except for the Patterns, Rib, and Move/Copy Bodies features.
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Some minor but basic functionality appears to be missing from notes in SolidWorks. Single-clicking inside an active text box places the cursor between letters, as expected. Double-clicking inside an active text box selects the entire word that you click, again as expected. Triple-clicking in Microsoft applications such as Word and PowerPoint generally selects the whole paragraph or the contents of the text box. However, the triple-click option is not available in SolidWorks notes. Ctrl+A does work to select all of the text inside a text box. To format the entire note, do not activate the text box; instead, only select the note, and apply the setting to the entire note rather than to selected text within the note. You also cannot drag-and-drop selected text to move it within a text box. However, you can Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, and Ctrl+V the text.
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DPDCH Data 1 NData1 bits DPCCH TPC NTPC bits TFCI NTFCI bits DPDCH Data 2 NData2 bits DPCCH Pilot Npilot bits
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2: Installing or Upgrading to Windows 7
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Black crop marks appear around the picture.
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Free Markets and the Tragedy of the Commons
(6.59) (6.60)
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There are two notable items created here: first, a controller class called lists_controller. rb in the app/controllers folder; and second, a directory at app/views/lists for the views related to this controller. Take a look at lists_controller.rb:
When you ve added two or more items to your Windows DVD Maker project, you can start thinking about the order in which they will appear on the final DVD movie. While DVD Maker doesn t offer a huge selection of DVD menu layout options, it does let you reorder items. You ll notice that the list of videos and photo slide shows in the wizard has an explicit order, as noted by the Order column heading, which assigns each item a number, starting from 1. You can easily reorder items in the following ways:
Study of Micrometeorites in Sealed Containers The XFCMT60 was performed on a microfragment from the Tatahouine meteorite, which fell in 1931 and was promptly collected at the Natural History Museum in Paris. The grain analyzed had been recently retrieved from the original site and recovered in a weathered state from the rst centimeters of soil, and was compared to the pristine ones retrieved in 1931 and stored at the Museum. A series of experiments in SEM and TEM were performed61 on this meteorite, in order to study the remnants of pleomorphic bacteria present in fractures and fault lines of the meteorite. For this measurement, a monochromatic beam of 14 keV was obtained using CRLs, associated with a 10 m diameter pinhole to de ne a 2 10 m2 beamspot. The grain was placed in a sealed thin ( 10 m thick) quartz capillary in
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