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Temporary Mobile Station Identity (TMSI). This is a 32-bit binary number that uniquely identi es the MS within one location area, or a group of adjacent location areas, of a PLMN. TMSI is a temporary identi cation and is usually changed by the network when the MS enters a new location area. LAI and TMSI are stored in temporary SIM memory. Most messages on the Um (radio) interface identify a MS by TMSI and LAI. IMSIs are used only in exceptional cases. TMSI gives protection against cloning (obtaining MS identi cations for fraudulent use), because an intercepted TMSI no longer identi es the mobile after it has left the location area. International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). This is the counterpart of the mobile serial number (MSN) in AMPS. It uniquely identi es a ME. IMEI is a 15-digit number, entered into permanent ME memory by the manufacturer. 12.8 12.8.1 SIGNALING BETWEEN MOBILE AND NETWORK Introduction
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large objects, you can sometimes lose perspective by not including another object in the frame that acts as a point of reference. Including an object whose size is readily identi able lends scope to the image.
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1. How they choose keywords (don t do it on visibility metrics, don t do it based on industry-speak). 2. Lack of link building (SMBs typically have even less in the way of trust rank or link infrastructure with which to work than the big dogs; therefore link building is even more important to them).
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3: Building Your Site for SEO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33
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= W&kwe get for the $-point DFTs U ( k ) and V ( L )
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V ( A )= 1 - G(Ac)).
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Towards the Semantic Web: Ontology-driven Knowledge Management. Edited by John Davies, Dieter Fensel and Frank van Harmelen Copyright 2003 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. ISBN: 0-470-84867-7
You can now run the DBCC CHECKALLOC, DBCC CHECKTABLE, or DBCC CHECKCATALOG commands at the same time that you run DBCC CHECKDB. DBCC CheckDB will normally use schema locks while it is checking the database if DBCC is run while users are in the database. The TabLock option reduces the lock granularity to only a table-shared lock. DBCC CheckDB will run less efficiently, but the database concurrency will be higher, thus allowing users to perform their work: DBCC CheckDB ( OBXKites ) With TabLock;
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Perl provides all the standard types of data operators you d expect from a programming language to manipulate data, plus a few special tricks of its own. There are three main categories of operators in Perl:
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