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mentation. Current clamps and injection devices that are placed over cable interconnects can cause a failure to occur with logic circuits. If circuits can be disrupted by an immunity current, the same cable can radiate undesired EMI. When using bulk injection, a CW or pulse stimulus is desired, as these signals are the only ones that are feasible for troubleshooting and diagnostic work outside an anechoic chamber. We are able to track, isolate, and harden victim components and circuits or verify if filters, shielding, and other EMI mitigation components are working as desired. Verification of performance includes software with error detection and recovery algorithms. For immunity tests, it is mandatory (or desired) for the EUT to be fully functional and to be set in an automatic mode of operation with software running an infinite loop program. This allows the test engineer to determine if a failure or glitch happened during the test. Monitoring the EUT outside an anechoic chamber is easy. When located in a test environment where one does not have visual access to the EUT or cannot be in physical proximity due to potential biological harm, use of remote video monitoring equipment with zoom features becomes mandatory. When using remote monitoring equipment, the interconnect cable should be fiber optic as regular coax or instrumentation cables may be susceptible to radiated fields and themselves be disrupted. When monitoring a system for failures, the following may be observed: 1. Error message indicating a system failure or incorrect processing of data on a display monitor 2. A summary report printed out after the test noting abnormal modes of operation 3. Reset or system failure (shutdown) 4. Smoke emanating from the power supply or other circuits or the system bursting into flames (generally from surge testing) 5. Alarms activated During testing, it is recommended that minimal use of auxiliary support equipment be provided. The purpose of this analysis is to evaluate the EUT and not thirdparty assemblies. Providing passive loads for all interconnect cables running in a loop-back mode is acceptable, if not preferred, for most immunity tests. 8.3.3 Systematic Approach to Detecting and Locating Problems One of the more important elements to consider when doing forensic analysis on a compliant product becoming noncompliant is keeping one s composure. By remaining calm, one can think in a logical manner and go directly to the emission source instead of immediately trying to apply a fix using copper tape or ferrite clamps. Temporary fixes are just that, temporary. The problem signal will usually reemerge in the future from another leak point. A second visit to a customer site does not do well for public relations or future business opportunities.
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Single- and Dual-Channel Controllers
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Part I
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It is well-known that the impedance for an ideal capacitor, Zc, is Zc = 1 , jC (14.6)
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FIGURE 14.9 IR impulse response and corresponding frequency response. (From [Bar91a] IEEE.)
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user resources and multisymbol modulations to achieve higher data rates. To extend Example 10.27, we describe details of GPRS and EDGE in the following example. Example 11.10: High Data Rates in EDGE and GPRS GPRS retains GMSK, the modulation technique used in GSM, and creates different data rates by assigning different number of time slots per user and changing the error-correcting code used for error control in formation of the packets for packet data transmission. GSM has eight slots per carrier; therefore, GPRS or EDGE can use different numbers of slots to support higher data rates. A single 200-kHz carrier in GSM has eight time slots, each capable of carrying data at 9.2, 13.55, 15.75, or 21.55 kb/s (if forward error correction is omitted completely). The raw data rate for GPRS can thus be as high as 8 21.55 = 172.4 kb/s. Table 11.2 shows three sets of four data rates for one-, four-, and eight-slot GPRS systems. The differences in the four categories of the data rates are made by using coding rates of 1 , 2 , 3 , and 1 for the formation of each packet. 2 3 4 More details of the coding schemes are not our main concern, but they are available in [Cai97]. (Also see Section 15.2.) We observe data rates ranging from 9.2 to 172.4 kb/s supported by this system. As the distance of the mobile from the base station increases, the received signal strength decreases and the system falls to lower data rates. The main difference between the EDGE and GPRS is that the EDGE system uses an optional 8-PSK modulation with 3 bits/symbol, which can increase the maximum data rate another threefold, to 473.6 kb/s. Table 11.3 shows four of the nine data rates supported by the EDGE system for one, four, and eight slots. The details of the coding for the GPRS and EDGE systems are slightly different; therefore, the data
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Wireless LANs find their origins in the enterprise. Yet wireless LAN applications in the public environment are on the rise, particularly in areas of limited physical scope such as airports, hotels, and conference centers. Public wireless LANs can hardly be seen as competing with true mobile data systems. However, they can be deployed as a complementary service to GPRS/UMTS, owing essentially to their bandwidth:cost ratio. Indeed, simple public wireless LANs could be deployed today. On the other hand, they are the subject of substantial development effort, with the result that public wireless LANs are likely to evolve considerably in the coming year or so. This case study presents Alcatel's wireless LAN solution for mobile operators, highlighting key features such as security, session continuity, roaming, and billing.
Data Integrity
DNS Concepts Planning DNS Naming The Root Domain DNS Zones Server Strategies Naming Conventions
Actual intercept point Po Fundamental Slope = 1 G
Picking a Phone
The performance of many analog circuits is limited by signal swing. Figure 11.6 shows the expected power supply voyage according to the SIA (bold line) for desktop and battery applications. 4 The available signal swing (dotted line) is derived by taking 90% from the nominal power supply (minimum power supply) and subtracting a maximum threshold voltage (0.5 V) and 0.2 V gate bias. The graph clearly shows that this form of signal handling has reached its limits. Besides a low
19: The Ubuntu Command Line
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