FIGURE 31.21
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they use a lot of captions, then you create a number of captions. Capture the feel of the ad, but be careful. Do not copy the person s layout too closely so that people reading the ad might think at rst glance it was from the company you were copying. This exercise is only to give you a format or guide from which to write. If you copy the layout too closely, you are violating the rights of the person who wrote the ad. The main points in this chapter are the basic steps and the thought processes you go through as you construct your ad. The key point is that you don t have the prospect in front of you, so you have to anticipate the questions the prospect will ask in almost the same order the prospect will ask them. This ow is important. But there is also a critical part of the copywriting process that really separates the best copywriters from the rest. It s called the editing process and we cover it in the next chapter.
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FIGURE 11.38 The results up to step 26
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Working with Specialized Functionality
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CommandBackColor (Public Instance Property)
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from control, it has the properties, methods, and events that the control class has. Examples are provided. The novice user finds a wealth of information detailing how to use each control in the toolbox. The advanced user achieves a better understanding of the ancestry of the controls and fill in any gaps in current knowledge. The information contained in this chapter and the previous chapter is crucial for understanding the topic of Visual Inheritance covered in 28.
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LDAP and Security
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1. False. 2. False. 3. True. 4. True. 5. True: the probability that the lead never changes is about 0.352. 6. False: if the second game is twice the length of the first, the lead will only change about times as often. If N times as long, the lead will change times as often. 7. True. 8. True: in fact the probability that one player leads for more than 9930 trials, and other for fewer than 70, is greater than 0.1.
[FocalPlaneYResolution] => 150433/38 [FocalPlaneResolutionUnit] => 2 [CustomRendered] => 0 [ExposureMode] => 0 [WhiteBalance] => 0 [SceneCaptureType] => 0 )
3dB = p1 =
5: Working More Efficiently with Applications, Files, and Folders
Figure 9.2 Shape and radiation pattern of a /2 dipole antenna.
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