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Part II
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The ColorDialog class The ColorDialog class provides a dialog box that allows the user to select a color from the palette and to add colors to that palette. Table 9-6 describes some of the properties and methods of the ColorDialog class. Table 9-6: ColorDialog class Properties and Methods Property Or Method ShowDialog Color Description Displays the dialog box. Determines the color selected by the user. Determines whether the user can add custom colors to the dialog box.
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POSITION SENSITIVE SEMICONDUCTOR STRIP DETECTORS photons. In the case of incoherent (Compton) scattering most of the photons are scattered by large angles from the trajectories of primary photons and such scattered photons can produce false position measurements. The angular distribution of photons scattered in the coherent (Rayleigh) processes has a very dominant peak in the forward direction so that most of the scattered photons diverge by very small angles from the trajectories of primary photons and they do not affect the position measurements. The contribution of scattering effects to the spatial resolution of a semiconductor detector depends on the ratio of the cross-sections for incoherent and coherent scattering to the crosssection for the photoabsorption. The cross-section for the photoabsorption decreases with increasing energy E of X-rays as 1/E 3 , while the crosssection for Compton scattering shows relatively at dependence on the photon energy. Thus, the relative contribution of the incoherent scattering increases strongly with increasing energy of Xrays. The cross-section for the coherent scattering depends on the photon energy in a similar way as for the photoabsorption so that the relative contributions of these two effects remains at the same level over a wide range of X-ray energy.
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For future developments, we will concentrate on two topics that will probably define the role bipolar technology can play. The first question concerns manufacturability; the second one addresses the possible impact of silicon-based heterostructures on other technologies. The complexity of bipolar circuits is less than that of CMOS circuits, and the fabrication is rather sophisticated. Which trends are visible that not only promise technical benefits but also simplify fabrication and lower power consumption At the moment, self-adjustment techniques and epitaxial deposition processes are developed separately. Specially adopted self-alignment techniques together with a single-step epitaxial definition of the complete active transistor structure have an enormous potential to improve competitive manufacturing of bipolar circuits. The highest speed of a bipolar transistor is always obtained at high current densities near the Kirk limit. The decrease of speed with decreasing current is proportional to the emitter-base junction capacity CE (at least in near ideal box-shaped transistors). This capacity can be decreased by inverted doping levels in HBTs (low-doped emitter, high-doped base). Not the maximum speed, but relatively high speed can then be obtained with lower current levels, which reduces the static power consumption. In bipolar transistors some Ge doping of the base, at least a few percent Ge to counterbalance the emitter bandgap narrowing (BGN) caused by high doping will be more widely used. The broad availability of Ge techniques will raise the issue of how other Si devices can extend their performance with heterojunctions. 65 In conclusion we assume that technical solutions such as layers with high Ge content or so-called virtual substrates that defines the elastic strain distribution are available and manufacturable. Then, the most exciting targets would be complementary heterofield-effect transistors (C-HFET), charge injection transistors (CHINT), and siliconbased optoelectronic receivers for fiber communication. Hetero-field-effect transistors with Ge channels for holes and Si channels for electrons would offeras the only system we know-symmetrical, high mobility for electrons and holes,
Part IV
#!/usr/bin/perl #----------------------------------------------# PROGRAM: #----------------------------------------------$numArgs = $#ARGV + 1; print $numArgs arguments provided on the command line\n ; foreach $argnum (0 .. $#ARGV) { print $ARGV[$argnum]\n ; }
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SLC-96, illustrating digital loop carrier.
Windows Vista also allows you the option of changing your account from a Standard user account to an Administrator account (see Figure 5.14) or vice versa. Click Change the account type in the User Accounts window. You are asked to select an account type, just like when you created the account. Accounts can be changed to Standard user or to Administrator accounts as many times as desired; the access privileges are instantaneous. Any administrator account can be deleted, on the condition that there is another administrator account on the machine. If you have a single administrator account, you cannot delete it.
% With the image selected, enter JavaScript:showPrintVersi on() in the Link box of the Properties palette.
In our previous work[23,15 1,295,3501 a comparative study a range of DCA algorithms of was conducted and it was found that the algorithm which provided the best overall compromise in terms of the desired performance measures was the Locally Optimised Least Interference Algorithm (LOLIA). The results in Table 4.2 indicate the achievable network capacities, without AAAs and without shadow fading, for various DCA algorithms and for the FCA algorithm. Hence, our further investigations presented here we focus our attention on the LOLIA by combining it with adaptive beamformingand other network capacity enhancement techniques.
The revolve profile sketch is not on an identifiable sketch plane that you can reuse for other features, although that would be useful. You can change the sketch dimension outside of the wizard interface, and if you later use the wizard to edit it, then the changes appear in the Custom Sizing panel. Figure 17.3 shows the Custom Sizing panel with the changed counterbore diameter highlighted.
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