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Best Practice
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Flexible security services
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Figure 5.3.27 EDXRF spectra of a golden halo (darker line) and a black halo. The spectra are relatively complicated including: S K lines; Ar K lines; Sn L line; Ca K lines; Mn K line (in traces); Fe K and K lines; Ni K line; Cu K line; W L and L lines; Pb L , L and L lines; Sr K line and Sn K and K lines. The differential attenuation of Pb L lines is clearly visible in both X-ray spectra: in the golden halo the Pb L line is more attenuated by the Au leaf than the L line; in the black halo the Pb L line is less attenuated by the effect of the Sn sheet. The difference in the copper content between the black and golden halo is also remarkable
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NIS is not a particularly secure distributed name service. Unaltered, it will provide the information from its tables to any system aware of its domain name. There are two things that a system administrator can do to make NIS more secure. One is to list trusted hosts and network addresses in the /var/yp/securenets file. Another is to use secure RPC. In any case, it is wise to omit root and other system accounts from the tables that are shared via NIS.
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44: Introduction to Web Services
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Part 1: Starting Out with Ubuntu
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10. Right-click all sketches that are showing, and select Hide. Do the same for the Top Boss Plane. This cleans up the display to prevent it from becoming confusing. However, if you prefer to see the sketches, then you can leave them displayed.
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7.128 GHz, 0 deg S21
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The short-channel effect is one of the most important challenges for a device designer to overcome for each new technology node. As CMOS technology and gate length continue to scale, the device design for a previous generation likely cannot be
The Quick Tips feature enables balloons with tips to help you get started with several tasks. For example, the first Quick Tip that you see may be the one shown in Figure 3.3. When you begin to create your first document in SolidWorks, a Quick Tip guides you through this process.
If you choose Paste, PowerPoint pastes slide objects into the Word document. If you select Paste link, the slides in Word are linked to the presentation. When you edit the slides, they change in both the PowerPoint presentation and the Word document. Choosing Paste link creates a smaller Word document.
End Office Switch
3: Welcome to Internet Explorer 7
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