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July 2009
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Support, Stability, and Security
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Con guring global DHCP options
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Description Displays the hostname associated with the specified numeric IP address Contains the authoritative information about a domain zone, including the primary name server and a point of contact for the domain administrator Displays any descriptive text information about the host or domain configured into the DNS database Displays any advertised services, such as a web or database server, if configured in the DNS database Attempts to display as much DNS information as available on the primary name server for the host or domain
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where L is the molar latent heat of fusion and and are the surface tension and density of the solid (sol) and liquid (liq) phases, respectively. The sizedependent suppression of the melting temperature of metals and semiconductors can exceed 1000 C, which allows for the sintering of very small ( 2 nm) nanocrystals at temperatures below 300 C (Fig. 10.5 and 10.6).51,52 The ability of nanocrystals to fuse at relatively modest temperatures provides a low-temperature route to thin- lm growth. This approach has been successfully used for formation of metallic (Au,53 Ag54) and semiconducting (CdS,52 CdSe,55 HgTe56) thin lms with good electrical conductivity. However, a serious limitation of this approach is associated with the presence of organic
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will shift by an amount of G/6F = +0.65 V with respect to the deposition potential of metallic indium.77 This means that the deposition of indium selenide can take place below 0.35 V. A similar mechanism (Kroger s mechanism) takes place for Cu Se, Ga2Se3, CuInSe2, and Cu(InGa)Se2. In 1983, Bhattacharya63 reported for the rst time the electrodeposition of a CIS lm. At NREL currently, CIGS lms are prepared from a modi ed acidic bath containing 0.02 0.05 M CuCl2, 0.04 0.06 M InCl3, 0.01 0.03 M H2SeO3, and 0.08 0.1 M GaCl3. The deposition baths are prepared using a base solution of 10 g of LiCl and 20 g of pH hydrion buffer 3 dissolved in 1000 mL of solution. The resulting pH of the deposition bath solution is between 2 and
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Preamp (Optional) In Out EMC analyzer
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John Davies, Richard Weeks and Uwe Krohn
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Chemical Bath Deposition, Electrodeposition, and Electroless Deposition of Semiconductors, Superconductors, and Oxide Materials
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Aero Glass is designed to move the visual focus away from the windows themselves and to the content they contain. Whether that effort is successful is open to debate, but it s certainly true that window borders lose the vast, dark-colored title bars of previous Windows versions and provide a softer-looking and more organic-looking container around window contents. Compare Windows XP s My Computer window to Windows 7 s Computer window in Figure 4-7. When you have a lot of Aero windows open onscreen, it s often hard to tell which one is on top, or has the focus. Typically, that window will have a bright red Close window button, while lower windows will not.
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Whether you re working on cars, fission reactors, or PCs, having the right tools makes all the difference. Don t attempt any of the procedures in this book if you don t have the tools I mention at the start of each procedure. You ll end up stripping screws, scratching circuit boards, and generally upgrading your PC right into the trash can. Thankfully, the tools you ll need for the jobs I describe in this book are mostly common household ones: screwdrivers, flashlights, sledge hammers, etc. However, most of you won t have a dental mirror or Torx screwdriver in your collection, so picking up a few specialized items like these can make the difference between fun and frustration.
Part VI
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