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In addition to the basic features found in the directory, several extended features provide Active Directory the means for scalability and manageability, and also fault tolerance, tighter security, and interoperability with existing systems. The following is a breakdown of the Active Directory extended feature set: Security definition and control. The access control list is a feature carried over from Windows NT 4.0, and it is applied to the directory to provide control over access to objects within the directory. The list of permissions is replicated through the hierarchy down to the object level. Fault tolerance. This feature is provided through replication of the directory. All Windows 2000 sites work off the same copy of the directory, which helps to compensate for limitations or failures in interconnected networks.
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FIGURE 19-5 The MCITY DNS-Active Directory hierarchy in an extended namespace.
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chaPtEr 3 Understanding the Windows Phone User Interface
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Dual-pulse (DP) address signals, basic properties, 58 59 Dual seizures, Telephone User Part (TUP) protocol, 215 Dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF) address signals advanced intelligent network architecture, 520 applications, 69 71 basic properties, 59 call control for analog lines, 130 caller interaction, 70 competing long-distance carriers, 70 71 local exchange signaling equipment address signals, 63 64 supervisor signals, 61
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Ubuntu also provides software for you to record audio files from your workstation. The Sound Recorder package can record from either a built-in microphone or an external microphone. To start Sound Recorder, select Applications Sound & Video Sound Recorder. The main Sound Recorder window is shown in Figure 11-13.
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NavigateUrl="url" ImageUrl="url" Target="window" runat="server"> Text </asp:HyperLink> The Hyperlink control is used to allow users to move from page to page within a Web application. You can set the text of the hyperlink using the Text attribute. It is also possible to create an image hyperlink by using the ImageUrl attribute and setting it to a specified image. In Listing 35-11, you build a page that allows you to dynamically change the destination of the hyperlink. Listing 35-11: <asp:hyperlink> Code Example
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FigurE 9-31: Bing Shopping . . . again, on the PC.
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