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Reliability and Performance
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Figure 9.18 Measuring common noise ground currents from a switching supply (balanced coaxial probe). (Photograph courtesy of Doug Smith.)
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One film had profit of around $160 million.
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Prices, Probabilities, and Predictions
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Search engines use alt tags as a way to index the content of your images on your Web page. The use of alt tags is particularly important if you have a graphics-heavy home page.
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LastName ----------------Adams Dowdry ... Smith FirstName -------------------Terri Quin Ulisius ProductName --------------Dragon Flight Dragon Flight Rocket Kite
If you re using a portable MP3 player or other portable multimedia device, you may want to synchronize it with your digital media content using Windows Media Player, as discussed in 11. This is the recommended approach if the system you re using is a typical PC, where you interact with the machine using the mouse and keyboard while sitting at a desk. If, however, you utilize Windows Media Center via a remote control in your living room, bedroom, or other non-home office location, you might want to use Media Center to synchronize with a portable device instead. As you might expect, Microsoft supports this scenario fully.
Viewing Your Digital Persona
in the use of IR technology in wireless networks are its data-rate limitations, extensive power uctuation, and susceptibility to interference from ambient light. In particular, there is a lack of a simple and reliable multiple-access technique for IR systems capable of counteracting the effects of ambient light and objects moving near the transmitter or receiver. 14.2 IMPLEMENTATION In the past two decades, most developments in wireless optical communications have concentrated on diffused IR radiation (DFIR) technology. Figure 14.2 shows a typical DFIR network con guration. The primary advantage of this mode of transmission is that it does not require a direct line of sight between the transmitter and the receiver [Gfe79b]. Instead, the receiver can collect a transmitted signal by way of re ections from walls, ceiling, and other objects in a work area. Therefore, network installation does not require precise alignment to establish a communication link, which facilitates the portability of user terminals. As a result, DFIR networks are well suited for applications requiring portability, such as cordless phones or networking of laptop or pen-pad computers. The disadvantages of DFIR transmission are as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. It consumes relatively high power to cover the entire installation area. The data rate is limited, due to the effects of multipath. Diffusion of IR signals elevates the risk of eye exposure. In simultaneous two-way communications, each receiver collects its own transmitted re ections, which are stronger than the transmitted signal from the other end of the connection.
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