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You may not have a shopping list or a to-do list on your Web site, but chances are, you ve got other kinds of lists sprinkled all over your pages. A bulleted list is a great way to present information, though the ubiquitous round bullets in HTML are rather drab. (The ubiquitous round bullets are on display in the page on the right.) In this makeover, I show you how to quickly transform normal bullets into images that you specify. Here s the scoop:
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An option exists to add scrollbars and view pane splitters to the graphics window. To use it, choose Tools Options Display/Selection, Display Scrollbars in graphics view. This selection will be grayed out if any SolidWorks documents are open (so you must close all SolidWorks documents to change it). When you zoom in such that the part/assembly/drawing is partially off the screen, the scrollbars will activate on the right side and bottom of the SolidWorks window, enabling you to scroll up and down as well as left and right to pan the view. Figure 5.4 shows a detail of the bottom-right corner of the SolidWorks graphics window, where you find the scrollbars and splitters. Notice the cursor in the lower right over one of the splitters. The splitters can be easy to miss if you do not know what they look like.
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Creating a CLR Project
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Windows Media Player 11
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Part II: Building Intelligence into Your Parts
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Security Option Admin Approval Mode for the built-in administrator account What It Does Toggles Admin Approval Mode for the built-in administrator account only. When Admin Approval Mode is off, UAC is said to be in quiet mode. Determines whether properly installed applications that need to be run with administrative privileges can prompt for elevation without entering the secure desktop. UIAccess applications are applications that are installed in trusted shell locations such as the Windows directory or the Programs Files directory. Determines what type of prompt adminlevel users receive when attempting admin-level tasks. You can choose between a consent dialog, a credentials dialog, and no prompt. Determines what type of prompt standard users receive when attempting admin-levels tasks. You can choose between a consent dialog, a credentials dialog, and no prompt. Determines whether application installs trigger a User Account Control elevation dialog Determines whether only signed and validated application installs trigger a User Account Control elevation dialog Determines whether only properly installed applications can be elevated to administrative privileges Default Setting Disabled
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Resource element (k, l )
Possible Values (Goes in Field Cell)
Part V: Keeping Up with the Joneses: Maintenance and Upgrades
Figure 5.1.5 Wavelength-dispersive TXRF spectra for trace elements (Ni, Co, and Fe, 20 ppb each) in a 0.1 l drop. (Reprinted with permission from Sakurai et al.,29 Figure 2. Copyright (2002) American Chemical Society)
Using JavaScript to style elements
Part VII: Windows 7 Power User
The Standard 3 View tool on the Drawings toolbar can also be accessed at Insert Drawing View Standard 3 View. This places a Front view, and projects Top and Right views for thirdangle projection drawings.
Channelized E1, framing convention.
Managing namespaces
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