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The Content Piece of the Puzzle
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Figure 11.5-2. End-to-end signaling, pass-along method.
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In the upper-right plot, the entire trace of return loss or impedance is located outside the demarcation circle so that the impedances are entirely in the unmatched state. In the middle-right plot, the trace of return loss or impedance is located partially outside and partially inside the demarcation circle so that the impedances are in a partially matched state. In the bottom-right plot, the trace of return loss or impedance is located entirely inside the demarcation circle so that the impedances over the entire frequency bandwidth are in the matched state.
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Arndt, U. W. and Bloomer, A. C. Curr. Opin. Struct. Biol., 9, 609 (1999a). Arndt, U. W. and Bloomer, A. C. Acta Cryst., Biol. Crystallogr., D55, 1672, (1999b). Arndt, U. W., Long, J. V. P. and Duncumb, P. J. Appl. Cryst., 31, 936 (1998a). Arndt, U. W., Duncumb, P., Long, J. V. P., Pina, L. and Inneman, A. J. Appl. Cryst., 31, 733 (1998b). Bohler, P. and Stehle, J. L. Phys. Status Solidi A, 170, 211 (1998). Bowen, D. K. and Tanner, B. K. High Resolution X-ray Diffractometry and Topography, Taylor and Francis, London, 1998. Cloetens, P., Ludwig, W., Baruchel, J., Guigay, J.-P., PernotRejm nkov , P., Salom -Pateyron, M., Schlenker, M., Bufa a e ` re, J.-Y., Maire, E. and Peix, G. J. Phys. D: Appl Phys., e 32, A145 (1999).
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m* = 0.92 m* = 0.20 m1 = 0.15 m* = 0.54 4.05 1.124 3.42 9.65 x 109 41 5 3.3 x 10 5.43102 2.59 x 10 6 1412 3 x 10-2 1450 505 0.063 76 (electrons) 55 (holes) 0.7 1.31 0.9 1 at 1650'C 10-6 at 900'C 695
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The Save Bodies feature is another function in SolidWorks that does not have a menu location, or toolbar button, but is accessed only from the RMB menu from the bodies folders. Save Bodies works similarly to giving path and filename information in the Resulting Bodies selection box of the Split feature. However, Save Bodies enables you to create an assembly right in the PropertyManager for the feature, rather than as a hidden feature with no record of the assembly name created by the feature. The PropertyManager for Save Bodies is shown in Figure 28.7.
Given the length of a subnet mask, it isn t always ef cient to specify an address using the address and subnet mask. Classless Interdomain Routing (CIDR) simpli es addressing notation by enabling you to specify the network ID using the number of bits that de ne the network ID. Table 3-4 illustrates the concept.
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Numeric comparisons String comparisons File comparisons
injection species played that has led to an appreciation of the complexity of the hotcarrier stress process, and has led to a significant effort to understand, characterize, and eventually, resolve the HCE phenomenon. This will be discussed in the following sections.
Getting started with JavaScript is very easy. Unlike with any other programming language, such as C, C++, Pascal, or BASIC, you don t need a compiler to convert your code into a binary application. Also, unlike a server-side scripting language such as PHP, Ruby, Python, or Perl, you don t need to set up a server or run a command shell to compose your code. All you need to do with JavaScript is write a file like you would for HTML and then run it in your browser. In terms of barrier to entry, JavaScript qualifies as the best show in town. Because JavaScript is based on the syntax of more-respected languages like C (and, yes, even Java), a novice programmer who takes up JavaScript as a first language is in a good position to delve into those more-advanced languages later on. A good foundation in JavaScript can also help you when you tackle PHP and Ruby later in this book.
Hybrid naming system
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