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Default FAT32 Cluster Size
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When a change is made to data in the .NET application, the change must be moved to the database. This can be done within a pessimistic concurrency model or an optimistic concurrency model. The concurrency model is actually a mechanism to aid the developer in deciding whether to use a disconnected ADO.NET DataClass (under the optimistic concurrency model) or a connected method (under the pessimistic model) to read and write to the database.
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inserted into the child document FeatureManager. The External References dialog box is shown in Figure 28.4. If the overhead of bringing many bodies forward only to be deleted is an issue for you, then you can use parent part configurations to delete the bodies first; then, from the child using List External References, you can select which configuration to insert.
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the device is longer than its width. Virtually all Windows Phone applications work in this default portrait view, and indeed many applications only work in portrait view. Thanks to an internal accelerometer, however, you can rotate the device left or right and view the screen in a horizontal, or landscape, view. In this view, the Application Bar moves to the left or right edge of the screen, and the Status Bar moves to the other side, depending on which way you turned it, as shown in Figure 2-39. The problem with landscape view is that it s not supported in all Windows Phone applications, including some like Maps and Excel where a wider display would in fact be desirable.
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Disk Defragmenter
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For convenience in layout, the circular ring in a ring micro strip line balun can be cut into smaller pieces. Figure 4.41 is one design example, in which the ring is cut into ten pieces. It is implemented on an aluminum ceramic substrate. Usually, the aluminum ceramic substrate has a higher permittivity, so that the size of ring balun can be reduced. In this example, the permittivity of the aluminum ceramic substrate, r, is 10.5, while the permittivity of a plastic substrate is about 4.5. This means that the size of a module built with the ceramic substrate will be reduced by more than onehalf compared with a module built with a plastic substrate. The thickness of the aluminum ceramic substrate is 25 mils. The performance of this balun is shown in Figure 4.42. The magnitudes of S21 and S31 are between 3.58 to 3.32 dB in the frequency range from 800 to 900 MHz. Thus, the additional attenuation is only 0.3 to 0.6 dB throughout the entire frequency
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Equation 3.91 indicates that the long-channel solution is obtained for 0min(,f(x) is independent of x). For L/2X "> 3, 4 )min approaches zero. Therefore, the ratio of L to k reflects the relative importance of short-channel behavior, and X, therefore, can serve as a characteristic length scale for short-channel effects. More exact solutions for the general case where the dielectric constants of the gate insulator and the silicon are taken into account are given by Frank et al. 22 Table 3.3 compares the characteristic length scales of various advanced MOSFET device structures. From an analysis of the characteristic lengths, it is easy to notice that the shortchannel behavior is determined largely by geometric factors such as the gate insulator thickness, the silicon channel thickness (or depletion depth), and the dielectric constants of the materials. The essence of short-channel device design (as far as electrostatics are concerned) is to control these parameters. The channel doping comes into play mainly through tie dependence of the depletion depth on the channel doping. A MOSFET with a lov channel doping can still have good shortchannel behavior provided the channel is thin. This can be accomplished either by a heavily doped region below the channel (a "ground plane" structure) or physically confining the channel (e.g., thin SO1, double-gate MOSFET). This is discussed in more detail in Section 3.7.
21: Working with Drawing Views
to the Recording Images screen.
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devoted to providing uninterrupted service. Managers may use the document to support budget requests for additional staff. Keeping all this in mind, ensure that you don t try to squeeze everything into the document. Its purpose is to function as the company s recovery tool in case of emergency not as a marketing tool. The portions of the document that marketing and managers nd useful are most likely the portions with a lower priority. Equally important as being clear on the intent of the documentation is knowing who is likely to read the document. All companies have their own terms that are speci c to their organizations. Using technical terms and phrases that your company doesn t typically use is pointless. If you are a consultant in an unfamiliar company, try to learn the language and read through other documentation that it may already have. Another important aspect of the creation of the documentation is determining who has access to it. Quite often, these documents contain very sensitive information, such as the administrative password, rewall and router information, or user-account information. These documents, after they re developed, are usually stored on a network drive so that many other employees can proofread them, make corrections, and even add content. This location on a network drive must be accessible to authorized users only. You also need to determine who can access the documentation outside the directory. This directory is probably being backed up, for example. Find out who has access to the backup media and can extract the information. If the backups are performed across the network, consider that someone may be intercepting the packets. Extracting sensitive information this way would prove fairly easy. You may also want to consider that, at some point, this document may be shown to people who shouldn t have access to the sensitive information. Ensure that all the sensitive information is contained in a section that can be easily removed should the need arise for example, in the appendix of the disaster recovery plan. Should a salesperson need access to the document, you can then provide it to that person, with the exception of the section containing the sensitive information. Most important, keep the document simple. You need to convey very complex information in an easy-to-read manner. If you can do this, readers of all types should have no problem following along.
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