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conducted with light from bending magnets of these dedicated machines. Time resolved experiments were also conducted by making use of the pulsed time structure of synchrotron radiation from these storage rings. Insertion devices such as superconducting wigglers, multipole wigglers, and undulators were developed in this decade in order to obtain higher energy light, higher ux light and brighter quasi-monochromatic light, respectively. These insertion devices consist of arrays of magnets with alternating elds and they are installed in straight sections of storage rings. Hereafter the term synchrotron radiation means light not only from bending magnets but also from insertion devices. Several third generation sources were constructed in the 1990s, and even at present some are under construction and others are in the planning stages. They are storage rings optimized for utilizing insertion devices, especially undulators. In order not to deteriorate bright light from undulators, the size and the divergence of the electron beam, the product of which is approximately equal to the emittance of the electron beam, has to be reduced considerably. Third generation sources are, therefore, low emittance rings. The vertical emittance of an electron storage ring is much smaller than the horizontal one and the diffraction
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In order to allow exchange to interpret national numbers in this plan, the two initial digits of a four-digit area code cannot be the same as those of a two-digit area code. For example, the two-digit area code 70 precludes the use of four-digit area codes 70XX. 1.2.3 Country Codes
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Part III Developing with SQL Server
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Selecting Features
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Mouse Features
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FIGURE 26.26 The Delete Face PropertyManager
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<< abstract >> DataProvider
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Keep legacy clients in mind
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P+ guard ring
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Signals and Signal Spaces
Domains must be in native mode to nest security groups. The Universal group is not available in mixed mode. See the section Mixed Mode versus Native Modes, later in this chapter.
modity mind set, and no more valuable than the pharmacist who fills the doctors prescriptions. It s far more helpful and valuable to be proactive, which means being diagnostic and not merely prescriptive. People often ask for the generic drug instead of the brand name to save money on the commodity, but they never say Get me the cheapest internist (or brain surgeon). The diagnostician is of great value, and we tend to follow the recommendations, no matter how painful. The true calling of the internal consultant is not to respond but to anticipate. External consulting firms don t wait around to be called; they try to create need. Internal consulting operations are no different in that regard, yet have a potentially much more powerful asset they know the organization intimately and should, therefore, be able to project need much more accurately. No matter what request may come streaming in or what objective is imposed upon the consulting function, every internal consultant should be examining the following strategic considerations on a frequent basis: How to make the best operations better. A common mistake is to focus on poorer operations. In fact, about 80 percent or more of all corporate developmental investment goes toward improving poor performers, rather than further exploiting strong performers. Consequently, the focus on internal consultants should be on raising the bar even higher for strong performers. If you ll forgive a baseball analogy, the benefits of improving a .310 hitter to .335 is far more beneficial than increasing a .210 hitter to .235. Don t fall into the trap of trying to analyze and improve poor operations. Instead, focus on the unusual: Make strong operations even stronger. The corporate contribution will be huge. Break paradigms. Early in my career I was asked to chair a task force to determine which rental car company was best for our company s needs. In the midst of an arduous debate on frequency of use, the benefits of taking insurance coverage, and numbers of outlets, I suggested that we look at the alternative of requiring people to use taxis. After a nearly-acrimonious debate, a test was approved and, what do you know, the people using taxis
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