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Choosing the Use This Webpage as Your Only Home Page option from the Add or Change Home Page dialog box replaces all your existing home pages with the one new home page you selected.
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Figure 7.9 The Freedom Tree Farms site makes excellent use of vibrant color.
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Views are nothing more than stored SQL select queries. There s no magic in a view. Any valid SQL select statement may be saved as a view, including subqueries, complex joins, and aggregate functions. The previous chapters have discussed retrieving data using the powerful select statement. Views store the select statement for ad hoc queries. The next chapter continues the discussion of select, extending its power beyond the local database with distributed queries.
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1.30 SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 26: INTERMODULATION PRODUCT MEASUREMENT The receiver in a wireless mobile unit must operate under a variety of conditions. When the mobile unit is at the edge of the coverage area, the receiver must have a low noise gure to receive the very low signal from the base station transmitter with a satisfactory S/N for achieving the required BER. When the mobile unit is close to the base station, the received signals intended for all the mobile units in the cell are very large, and two signals may mix in a mobile receiver to form a signal that jams the signal intended for the mobile. This jamming signal is called an intermodulation product. Figure 1.24 shows three measured spectra of the output of an LNA, each at different input power levels, and shows the development of the intermodulation products. Figure 1.25 shows a graph of the fundamental and third-order intermodulation products as a function of the input fundamental signals and illustrates how the output IP3 (OIP3) value is de ned.
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Part IV: Digital Media and Entertainment
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Delete Hole is really a surface feature called Untrim. Untrim is discussed more in 27, but you can use it to restore original boundaries to a surface.
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Watergate Game a game of intrigue and deception for the whole family. But no store would carry it because of the controversy and I lost my shirt. I once created the Batman credit card to capture the Batman fad of the 1960s and printed 250,000 of them only to be denied a license to sell them. But as you can see, knowing how to recognize a fad and capitalize on it can be a very powerful tool if your timing is right. This brings us very nicely to the next topic.
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Next, you create the background for the content area of the site. First, create a new layer by clicking the New Layer icon in the Layers panel. You can double-click the layer name to rename it if you want. With that layer selected, choose the Shape tool. Then, in the top contextual Toolbar, choose the square shape. Also make sure that the Fill Paths mode is selected; this is the third of the first set of three icons. Create a white background for the content area. Use the foreground color picker to choose white and then use the Shape tool to draw a rectangle from the inside-left margin of the left column to the inside-right margin of the right-most column. Figure 12.6 shows the tool selections and where that background should sit relative to your guides. Now you can apply a layer style. With the white background layer selected, click the fx icon in the Layers panel; from the pop-up menu that appears, choose Drop Shadow. The Layer Style window appears. Take a look around; the entire suite of layer styles are here, including Inner Shadow, Glows, Embossing, Overlays, and Stroke. The best way to get to know these tools is simply to play with them. For now, I m using the Drop Shadow style to give the background a shaded effect so the white really pops off the background. With the Preview option turned on, you can see the effect in real time as you change values, as shown in Figure 12.7. You may want to turn off guides ( +;) to get a better look at it. Figure 12.6 Creating your content background by using the Shape tool
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affects the overall outcome of the network and the amount of help desk calls answered. Fortunately, Windows 2000 provides a robust tool for creating users, groups, computers, and OUs for organizing these resources further. Additionally, there are two command-line tools that can aid in the bulk import and export of directory information. Used in conjunction with the ADUC console, an effective management plan for these resources may be created and utilized. This chapter covered all of these tools and the actual hands-on in performing object creation in the directory, both using the ADUC console and the bulk import tools. Next, we are going to take a look at Group Policy, part of Microsoft s overall TCO strategy to unify desktops.
lot of guidance from the router manual or installation CD, and all the numbers will be on the sheet the DSL installer gave you when he blessed your line. But if it all still seems very intimidating, and if you know someone who is familiar with the TCP/IP network protocol, see if you can bribe or blackmail your friend into helping you get set up.
24 Exploring Advanced T-SQL Solutions
Creating and Using Libraries
Morphology (size and shape)
From here, there are a wide range of options you can configure for your Windows Live ID. (Or not. Remember, it s your choice.) Some of the more important ones include: 33 Personal information: Click the Details link on the left side of your Profile page to access a page where you can edit your personal information, including your name, personal photo, contact information, work information, general information (gender, occupation, location, interests, and more), social information (relationship status, relationship interests, hometown, places lived, humor, fashion, and favorite quote), and education information. 33 Status: At the top of the Profile page is a conversation balloon with the text, "Share something new." This is where you can type a personal note, similar to a Twitter post (or tweet ) or Facebook status post.
6: JavaScript
Organizing Toolbox parts into folders
rst, a rotating anode was introduced instead of a sealed tube, and then an arti cial multilayer monochromator was installed. In recent TXRF machines, however, the intensi cation of the primary X-ray is becoming impractical, because of the increasing dead time of the detection system and the impurity peaks caused by imperfections of the arti cial multilayers.4 Therefore, the next strategy to improve LLD should be the reduction of IBG , and some signi cant improvements have been achieved. The rst improvement was the introduction of a dual-crystal monochromator. Because an arti cial multilayer is not a perfect monochromator, parts of white X-rays sometimes passed through to cause impurity peaks in the background spectrum of single-crystal systems. To reduce the intensity of these impurity peaks, a dual-multilayer monochromator was proposed.4 Figure 7.2.3 compares the blank spectra for single- and dual-crystal optics of Au L excitation. Impurity peaks in the former system, which appeared at around 6 keV and 8.4 keV, disappeared in the dual-crystal system. Accordingly, the detection ability has improved substantially. The second improvement is the implementation of an x y stage instead of the traditional
SOAP Envelopes
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