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Availability Testing
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c. Choose the root domain name as the full DNS Name for the new domain (MCITY.cty). d. Accept the default NETBIOS name of MCITY. e. Choose the default path for the SYSVOL folder on the RAID-5 array. However, the drive letter should point to the RAID-5 array on D:\, E:\, or F:\, and not C:\ (for example, E:\ Windows\...). Choose the path options provided for the NTDS Active Directory database and its log les, changing only the drive letters to point to the RAID-5 volume as mentioned. f. Accept permissions compatible with Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2008. g. Enter the Directory Services Restore Mode Administrator password. This should be a complex password. Choose 4NTDS@MCITY (without the quotation marks). Remember that the server s local Administrator password will become the password required to log on to the DC after promotion. h. Review the settings and then click Finish to begin the process. Restart the server when prompted. 8. Enable Active Directory integration of the forest root zone and the reverse lookup zone. To enable AD integration for the root zone, follow these steps: a. Open the DNS console and expand the root server CHRDC01 icon. b. Expand the Forward Lookup Zones folder and select the MCITY.CTY zone. Right-click on this zone and the select Properties. c. The Properties dialog box for MCITY will open. On the General tab, select the Change button on the Type option. The Change Zone Type dialog box will launch. d. Select the option to change the zone to Active Directory Integrated and click OK. e. Perform the same procedure on the Reverse Lookup Zone folder. 9. Verify CHRDC01 name registration by performing the following actions: a. Open the DNS console and expand the root server CHRDC01 icon. b. Expand the Forward Lookup Zones folder and then expand the MCITY.CTY zone. c. Verify that the _msdcs, _sites, _tcp, and _udp subdomains are registered under MCITY.CTY. d. If the preceding subdomains are not registered, then start a command prompt and type NET STOP NETLOGON. Wait for the service to stop and then type NET START NETLOGON. e. Repeat Steps a through c to verify the registration. f. Verify that the Reverse Lookup Zone has replicated. 10. Verify DNS name resolution on CHRRDC02. Before CHRDC02 can be promoted as a root DC, you must rst verify DNS: a. Log on to the CHRRDC02 as the domain Administrator.
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When you're developing XML documents, it's common to refer to element and attribute names that share a common context as a vocabulary. Thus, you might say that your previous example XML document belongs to a weather vocabulary. Given that an XML document consists of a vocabulary that you define, an element or attribute in that vocabulary may have a name that's identical to an element or attribute used by someone else in a different vocabulary. What's worse, what if someone else also defined a weather vocabulary that used some of the same names, but whose elements meant something quite different or arranged the elements in a different hierarchy Let's take the case of the fictional weather example in the preceding section. The <temperature> element you used to define the current air temperature might also be used to define the temperature of a liquid or the surface temperature on Mars. How do you distinguish one type of temperature from another Or, stated another way, how do you determine the vocabulary to which the <temperature> element belongs XML solves this ambiguity problem by referencing an explicit namespace in elements and attributes of an XML document. A namespace associates a unique name with all the elements and attributes of a particular XML vocabulary. An XML namespace is declared by using the xmlns attribute. For example, you can slightly change the weather example as follows: < xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" > <weather xmlns=""> <location city="St. Louis, MO"> <forecast date="2001-07-15"> <temperature units="F">80</temperature> <humidity units="%">55</humidity>
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Notice throughout the entire plugin, I ve wrapped text that was not inserted into the database because of the action of the user specifically, form data in localized functions. Later, I ll get into creating translations for these strings, but for now just note that content sent to the browser that is not the result of user input will be localized. Sometimes you need to be able to use placeholder in a string because the number or text will change according to the context that the string is used. A simplistic, though not all that useful in the real world, example would be to create a function for use in the copyright plugin admin page that shows how many words have been used in the copyright text. You would use the PHP function printf to do replacements and the translation would occur afterwards, as shown in Listing 5.16.
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Part V Business Intelligence
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13: Digital Videos and DVD Movies
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Server-Side Development
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Con guring VPN ports
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Parameter Fields and Types
The weak topology can also be metrized by other metncs. An interesting one is the so-called bounded Lipschitz metric dBL. Assume that the distance function d in R is bounded by 1 {if necessary, replace it by d ( z ,y)/[1 d ( z ,y)]}. Then define
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The previous section described diversity methods that combat small-scale fading i.e., the fading created by interference of MPCs. However, not all of these diversity methods are suitable for combating large-scale fading, which is created by shadowing effects. Shadowing is almost independent of transmit frequency and polarization, so that frequency diversity or polarization diversity are not effective. Spatial diversity (or equivalently, temporal diversity with moving TX/RX) can be used, but we have to keep in mind that the correlation distances for large-scale fading are on the order of tens or hundreds of meters. In other words, if there is a hill between the TX and RX, adding antennas on either the BS or the MS does not help to eliminate the shadowing caused by this hill. Rather, we should use a separate base station (BS2) that is placed in such a way that the hill is not in the connection line between the MS and BS2. This in turn implies a large distance between BS1 and BS2, which gives rise to the word macrodiversity. The simplest method for macrodiversity is the use of on-frequency repeaters that receive the signal and retransmit an ampli ed version of it. Simulcast is very similar to this approach; the same signal is transmitted simultaneously from different BSs. In cellular applications the two BSs should be synchronized, and transmit the signals intended for a speci c user in such a way that the two waves arrive at the RX almost simultaneously (timing advance).8 Note that synchronization
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