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FIGURE 15.3 GSM frame and time-slot structure.
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drawing, a question mark is displayed in the Item Number area because a single part has no Item Number. n Quantity: This option pulls the quantity of the part that it points to from the assembly. If you use this setting on a part drawing, then the Item Number still defaults to a question mark, but the Quantity value defaults to one. n Custom Property: The blank, grayed-out fields below the Balloon Text options are for custom property names. Custom Properties will pull values from the part custom properties and place these values in the balloon. n Auto Balloon Layout: When auto-ballooning an assembly drawing, this setting determines how the balloons will be laid out. n Bent Leaders: This setting determines whether the current document uses bent leaders, and if so, how long they should be.
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Link Control Protocol BCC Protocol Protection Protocol
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The picture is changed to the image you selected.
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Part I: Surviving Setup
Using Weldments
where the square-bracketed termrepresents the error, e ( n ) = r * ( n )- y(n) between the desired signal and the array output signal after processing. As can be seen from Equation 3.85, the inversion of the correlation matrix, R(n)required by Equation 3.83, has been replaced by the simple update formula of Equation 3.87, requiring scalar division, thus significantly reducing the complexity imposed.
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I NTRODUCTION In this chapter, we discuss perhaps the most important aspect of a Windows 2000 and Active Directory implementation: planning the deployment. Many of you reading this book may feel you have enough experience to skip ahead and jump right into the actual installation of Active Directory. I strongly urge you to refrain from doing this and pay particular attention to this chapter. Hands-on is by far the fun part to this job; however, there are so many factors in the planning phase that are critical to success that this part cannot be sidestepped. Items covered in this chapter:
A Rayleigh distribution has the following properties, which are also shown in Figure 5.15: Mean value r = 2 2 = 2 2 Mean square value r 2 ( )2 = 2 2 2 = 0.429 2 (5.17) Variance r r 2 Median value r50 = 2 ln2 = 1.18 Location of maximum max{pdf (r)} occurs at r = where the bar denotes expected value (we deviate here from our usual notation E{} in order to avoid confusion with the eld strength E).
H.321 is the ITU-T Standard Recommendation for the adaptation of H.320 visual telephone terminals to B-ISDN environments. B-ISDN depends on ATM switching, which offers the considerable advantage of guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS), as discussed in 10. H.321 also involves H.310, which is the recommendation for broadband audiovisual communications systems and terminals. 12.8.3 H.322
6 Using Management Studio
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