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f you ve ever experienced a power failure while working on your PC, smelled that distressingly distinctive electrical smoke that drifts up slowly from a fried PC, put up with intermittent and seemingly random crashes, or just run out of juice on a plane while frantically trying to save that critical file on your notebook computer, then you can appreciate the importance of power to PC operation. This chapter shows you how to upgrade or replace a PC s power supply; add a battery backup unit to a desktop PC; and upgrade a notebook computer s portable battery pack. This one s certainly not the sexiest chapter in the book, and I m willing to bet it s not the one you turned to first; but it may be the most important, so I m glad you found your way here eventually.
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Force a check update Change Windows Update settings View update history Restore hidden updates View FAQs in the online help
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Sketch text uses TrueType fonts to create text inside a SolidWorks sketch. This means that any TrueType font that you have can be converted to text in solid geometry; this includes Wingdings and symbol fonts. Keep in mind that some characters in certain fonts do not convert cleanly into SolidWorks sketches. Sketch text still has to follow the rules for sketching and creating features such as closed contours, as well as not mixing open and closed contours. You can make sketch text follow a sketch curve; to space it evenly along the curve, you can control character width and spacing, as well as overall size, by specifying points or actual dimensions. Sketch text can also be justified right, left, centered, and evenly, as well as reversed, rotated, and flipped upside down. Figure 6.12 shows the Sketch Text PropertyManager and some examples of sketch text options.
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If you would like to compare your results against mine, the finished drawing is called 24 BOM Tutorial Finished.slddrw.
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ell, it s here. Windows 7 is Microsoft s latest desktop operating system, and while that s notable on its own, this time around Microsoft appears to have really gotten it right. With Windows Vista, those in the know fought an uphill battle trying to convince people that it wasn t as horrible as pundits and know-nothing bloggers claimed. But Windows 7 is different. This time around, Microsoft has tweaked, prodded, and improved virtually every single aspect of the OS, and as a result the Windows Vista goose has evolved into the Windows 7 swan. Despite sharing common underpinnings, Windows 7 is perceived to be dramatically superior to Windows Vista. And that opinion is nearly universal: all those clowns that were falling over each other to out-criticize Windows Vista now can t compliment Windows 7 enough. For once, they may be on to something: Windows 7 is the best OS to come out of Redmond in a long, long time. And in this initial chapter, we ll try to explain why that is so.
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33 Marketplace: This provides in-application access to Microsoft s online store for Zune and Windows Phone. And while Apple has nothing to fear quite yet the iTunes Store is still unassailable from a breadth of content perspective the Zune Marketplace (or Windows Phone Marketplace as it s sometimes called as well) offers a lot of content. This includes music, videos (music videos, TV shows, and movies), podcasts (which are free and come in both audio and video varieties), channels (the aforementioned 21st century radio stations that require a Zune Pass subscription), and mobile apps. Zune Marketplace, shown in Figure 6-3, can be accessed both from the PC and via your Windows Phone. But there are some advantages to doing so from the PC. First, the onscreen real estate is dramatically more spacious on the PC, and this can lead to a better experience depending on what you re looking for. Second, not all of the Zune Marketplace content is available from your phone. When you re on the go, you can only browse for, and download, music and mobile apps. To get at the rest of the content in the store, you ll need to be on the PC. 33 Social: Because the Zune services are connected to your Windows Live ID, you can connect the two and share your musical preferences with your friends. Those contacts you have in Windows Live that have also connected with Zune
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The following pages describe common techniques that are used in assemblies. The part created earlier in this chapter is assembled with some additional parts that have already been created. The main point here is to give you a basic understanding of the assembly functions that exist and how they work, before exploring various aspects of the software in greater detail in Part II. To create a simple assembly, follow these steps:
Are the ground points on the outside cylinder, Ga and Gb, equipotential vGa = vGb (15.1)
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