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Figure 10-7: Stream, TextReader, and TextWriter hierarchy File streams In order to read and write data from files, you begin with the FileStream class. The FileStream class is instantiated by passing a file name or a file handle created by one of the Stream classes, to the FileStream constructor. To create an instance of the FileStream, use the new keyword: Dim fs as FileStream = New FileStream (path, mode, access, share, buffersize, useAsync, msgPath) The following arguments are optional for the FileStream, with the exception of the path argument: Path: Relative or absolute path for the file that the current instantiation is attempting to encapsulate. Mode: A FileMode constant that determines how the file will be opened or created (see Table 10-6).
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Table 26-6: Public Instance Methods of the Control Method Name Description property of the control to false. Note that this does not unload the control. Invalidate** Forces a region of the control to be marked as requiring a repaint. This forces a paint operation only on the specified region of the control. The Refresh method paints the entire control. Equivalent to calling both BeginInvoke and EndInvoke. Forces the control to apply layout logic to contained controls. Converts the specified screen point to client coordinates. When a control is contained in another control, its location is specified relative to the container, not to the screen. Thus, if you have a screen coordinate and want it relative to the client area, this is the method to accomplish this task. Converts the specified client point to screen coordinates. See
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Replacing existing widgets
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FROM Detail JOIN ActionCode ON Detail.ActionCode = ActionCode.ActionCode WHERE DetailID = @DetailID END -- 2-Accelerated: BaseRate * Amount * Acceleration Rate IF @Formula = 2 BEGIN SELECT @AccRate = Value FROM dbo.Variable WHERE Name = AccRate SELECT @AdjustedAmount = BaseRate * Amount * @AccRate FROM Detail JOIN ActionCode ON Detail.ActionCode = ActionCode.ActionCode WHERE DetailID = @DetailID END -- 3-Prototype: Amount * ActionCode s BaseMultiplier IF @Formula = 3 BEGIN IF @IgnoreBaseMultiplier = 1 SELECT @AdjustedAmount = Amount FROM Detail JOIN ActionCode ON Detail.ActionCode = ActionCode.ActionCode WHERE DetailID = @DetailID ELSE SELECT @AdjustedAmount = Amount * BaseMultiplier FROM Detail JOIN ActionCode ON Detail.ActionCode = ActionCode.ActionCode WHERE DetailID = @DetailID END -- Exception: Weekend Adjustment SELECT @TransDate = DatePart(dw,TransDate), @ClientTypeID = ClientTypeID FROM [Order] JOIN Detail ON [Order].OrderID = Detail.OrderID JOIN Client ON Client.ClientID = [Order].OrderID WHERE DetailID = @DetailID IF @TransDate = 1 OR @TransDate = 7 SET @AdjustedAmount = @AdjustedAmount * 2.5 -- Exception: Client Adjustments IF @ClientTypeID = 1 SET @AdjustedAmount = @AdjustedAmount * .8 IF @ClientTypeID = 2 SET @AdjustedAmount = 0 RETURN
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3: Mitigating the Flaw of Averages
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Self-alignment and careful vertical profile control have reduced parasitic elements and improved speed and noise properties. Frequency limits fT,fmax increased well into the millimeter-wave region (>30 GHz) with leading-edge developments up to
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Apply a Theme to Selected Slides
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For example, you may see captions such as 3328 1872 or 3072 2304.
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-- 1 DECLARE cDetail CURSOR FOR SELECT DetailID FROM Detail WHERE AdjAmount IS NULL FOR READ ONLY -- 2 OPEN cDetail -- 3 FETCH cDetail INTO @cDetailID -- prime the cursor EXEC CalcAdjAmount @DetailID = @cDetailID, @AdjustedAmount = @SprocResult OUTPUT UPDATE Detail SET AdjAmount = @SprocResult WHERE DetailID = @cDetailID WHILE @@Fetch_Status = 0 BEGIN BEGIN EXEC CalcAdjAmount @DetailID = @cDetailID, @AdjustedAmount = @SprocResult OUTPUT UPDATE Detail SET AdjAmount = @SprocResult WHERE DetailID = @cDetailID END -- 3 FETCH cDetail INTO @cDetailID -- fetch next END -- 4 CLOSE cDetail -- 5 DEALLOCATE cDetail
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Figure 4.6: Screenshot of the Netsim program, showing 100 users in a 49-cell simulation. Each base station is located at the center of each cell, and the large circles represent the radius of the cell area. The connection between an active mobile and a base station is represented by a line.
FIGURE 23.13
Because the Edge Flange is not dependent on a sketch for its angle like the Base Flange is, you can set the angle in the Angle panel of the PropertyManager. The values that this selection box can accept range from any value larger than zero to any value smaller than 180. Of course, each flange has practical limits. In the flange shown in Figure 29.13, the limitation is reached when the bend radius runs into the rectangular notch in the middle of the flange to the right, at about 158 degrees. The angle affects all the flanges that are made with the feature. To create a situation where different flanges have different angles, you need to create separate flange features.
A coaxial cable, or coax cable, typically consists of a single, two-conductor wire with a center conductor and one or sometimes two outer shields, or conductors. The inner conductor generally is solid core, although stranded wire sometimes is used in applications requiring additional ex strength. The outer shield generally consists of a solid metal foil, although a braided or stranded metal screen sometimes is used. The metal used for the inner conductor may be bare copper, silvered copper, tinned copper, copper-clad aluminum, or copper-covered steel. The outer shield generally comprises an aluminum sheath, aluminum braid, bare copper braid, silvered copper braid, or tinned copper braid. Twinaxial (twinax) cables contain two thin coax cables contained within a single cable sheath and once were popular for linking IBM terminals to cluster controllers. More recently, the IEEE 802.3ak task force nalized (February 2004) the 10GBase-CX4 standard in support of 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE). That standard yielded a speci cation for twinax assemblies operating over distances up to 50 ft. The cost of this patch cord technology approximately 10 percent that of comparable ber-optic solutions. Regardless of the speci cs of the con guration, the center conductor(s) carries the carrier signal. The outer conductor generally is used only for electrical grounding and is maintained at 0 volts. Therefore, coax is described as an electrically unbalanced medium. A balun (balanced/unbalanced) connector is used to connect (balanced) twisted-pair and (unbalanced) coax cables.
The system creates a new directory (in this example, dir3) and assigns it a new inode number.
one is self-explanatory. If you have a camera with you, you can try to get the shot. If the camera is at home, there is no chance of ever getting the shot. I always have a camera with me, and my friends and family are so used to it that they don t notice when I start to shoot.
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