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Part III: Working with Assemblies
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Part I: Getting Started with WordPress
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The primary intent of this practice is to ensure that project teams identify all the artifacts they will create (work products) and describe how they will be controlled. The range of control can include the lowest level of no control, the intermediate levels of saving the artifacts in a file structure or repository or putting version numbers on them, all the way to formal configuration management with change control boards. A typical and concise way to show compliance with GP 2.6 is a table that identifies the specific work products and the level of control to be used for each. Such a table might look like this for the project planning process area:
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Output resistance, MOSFET parasitic effects, 128-130 Oversampling: block integration, system-on-chip concepts, D/A converter, 668-670 system-on-chip concepts, D/A converters, 658-659 Oxidation: floating-gate memory physics, FowlerNordheim tunneling, 387-389 hot-carrier process and, 317-321 nitridation during, 318-319 pre- and postoxidation of nitrogen, 319-321 Oxide/nitride/oxide (ONO) film: DRAM (dynamic random access memory) circuits, memory cell scaling, 337-339 floating-gate memory arrays: NAND cell, 414-417 scaling trends, 428-430 Oxide thickness (tx): advanced MOSFET structures, 137 high-speed digital applications: gate thickness, 554-555 short-channel effects (SCE), 556 hot carrier structure, 312-313, 323-324 silicon nitride memory, tunneling-emission mechanisms, 433-435 Oxide traps (Not): charge-pumping detection, 304-307 damage characteristics, 293-294 hot-carrier effect (HCE), 279-280 low gate voltage stresses, 285-286 Pair transition rate, carrier-carrier scattering, 176-177 Parabolic-cylindrical function representation, digital applications of power transistors, cutoff and maximum oscillation frequencies, 586-597 Parallel linear networks, CMOS low-noise amplifiers (LNA), 499-500 Parasitic effects: DRAM (dynamic random access memory) circuits, 344 MOSFETs, 110-130 band-to-band tunneling, 119-124 gate capacitance degradation, 124-127 inversion-layer capacitance, 125-126 polysilicon gate depletion, 127 gate-induced drain, 119-124 gate tunneling current, 127-128 hot carriers, 111- 119 draft engineering, 118-119 energy distribution functions, 116-118
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3 bytes STS-1 pointer 1 byte Bit Interleaved Parity (BIP) for error monitoring 2 bytes Automatic Protection Switching (APS) 9 bytes Data Communication Channel (DCC) 1 byte Orderwire 2 bytes reserved for future use
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8. The frequency range is swept from the lower to the upper limit, generally 150 kHz 30 MHz (subject to the particular test plan) with an upper limit of 230 MHz (commonly used for specific systems and applications). The disturbance signal shall be modulated with an AM signal at 1 kHz with 80% deviation. The rate of the sweep shall not exceed 1.5 10 3 decades/second. When the frequency is swept incrementally, the step size shall not exceed 1% of the frequency range currently being tested. 9. The dwell time at each frequency shall be appropriate to allow the EUT to be exercised under full operating conditions, with the ability to respond to an abnormal condition by either error messages or system failure. Sensitive frequencies, such as clocks and their harmonics of dominant interest, shall be analyzed separately. Test Procedure. Arrange the injection device (CDN, EM coupling clamp, current probe, or bulk current injection), RF signal generator and amplifier, reference ground plane, and measurement receiver/power meter as shown in Figures B.19a, b. The coaxial cables must be the same as those used in the calibration procedure. 1. Set the RF generator to 150 kHz, or a level sufficient to produce 3/10 V RMS (as determined via the calibration procedure). 2. Turn on the AM signal to produce 80% modulation depth with a 1-kHz sinusoidal signal. Note: The signal generator output must be adjusted so that current measured by the probe and spectrum analyzer does not exceed the predetermined voltage level (20 mA for 3 V RMS, 150 configuration, which is 86 dB A). Do not adjust the level set dial of the RF amplifier. For example, Reading on spectrum analyzer (dBuV) = 86 dB A + CF of probe (dB) 3. Activate the RF signal generator to sweep the frequency range at a rate no faster than 0.0015 decades/seconds. While the generator is sweeping, adjust the RF signal generator output as required to maintain the desired signal injection levels per the calibration chart created prior to formal testing. Do not adjust the RF amplifier s control knob. 4. Note and record changes in EUT operation, fault conditions, or any other system behavior that is monitored per the performance criteria. Record the interference voltage level and frequency at which changes in operations, if any, occurred. 5. When the sweep is completed, return to those frequencies at which susceptibility problems were detected. Determine and record the threshold levels for each disturbance. 6. Notes: (a) The response times of some EUT processes may be such that dwell times of interference voltages may need to be increased to allow the system to
This chapter is a quick overview of how to create simple macros, and how to connect them to hotkeys and custom toolbar buttons. It guides you through the creation of an intermediate-level macro to show some of the capabilities that are available to combine with Excel and SolidWorks at the same time.
Configure offline files
Good work habits with respect to start and stop scripts will simplify managing system services. When your scripts are hard links, for example, you can easily identify a set of related scripts by searching by inode using a find command such as this:
But there s much more going on here than just enabling or disabling sync items. Unlike that initial configuration screen, you can use this interface to configure individual item sync settings. To see what this means, click the link Sync Settings under Calendar. As shown in Figure 19-17, you now have some additional settings to fine-tune, including how far in the past to synchronize calendar appointments and, if you ve connected the phone to two devices, which PCs to sync this item with. Contacts, Calendar, E-mail, and Tasks all offer additional options in this manner.
menu that appears, as shown in Figure 6-27.
Figure 10.15 Performance FOM degradation versus the sheet resistance in the S/D region with W/L as parameters. For W/L of 20, the S/D sheet resistance needs to be lower than 7 Q/ square to prevent degradation of performance by 1%. (After Mehrotra et al., Ref. 40.)
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