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Part II: Building Intelligence into Your Parts
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[ 1171 K. Higuchi, M. Sawahashi, and F. Adachi, Fast cell search algorithm in DS-CDMA
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Zebra Stripes can be activated one of two ways, by choosing View Display Zebra Stripes from the menus, or by clicking a toolbar button on the View toolbar. Zebra Stripes place the part in a room that is either spherical or cubic, where the walls are painted with alternating black-and-white stripes (although you can change the colors and the spacing of the stripes). The part is made to be perfectly reflective, and the way that the stripes transition over edges tells you something about the qualities of the faces on either side of the edge. Four conditions are of particular interest:
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If WordPress presents the blogging platform in such a way that the entire workflow revolves around a blogger and her audience, BuddyPress alters the paradigm, making the workflow and concepts revolve more around the users and less around the blogger. BuddyPress can be downloaded for free at
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The primary purpose of a UserControl is to act as a container for other controls. In this respect, it is very similar to a UserControl in Visual Basic 6. This designer allows for multiple controls and components to be grouped together and code to be applied to each control. A UserControl is analogous to a Form in this respect. Furthermore, the UserControl is derived from the ContainerControl class, like the Form. However, it does have reduced functionality. A UserControl is most useful when a piece of software or multiple pieces of software require some similar tasks that do not warrant their own form. An example may be a class of software that requires Address data to be entered. Rather than rewrite or cut and paste the same controls and code into each piece of software to accomplish this task, you can create a User Control. The UserControlExample project demonstrates a UserControl fashioned after entering address data. There is no code affiliated to the individual controls, but this is a perfect scenario for the CausesValidation property that was demonstrated in 26. Each of the text boxes may require to be a certain format and this property could be used to raise such events.
Figure 2.1.2 Schematic drawing of an electromagnetically focused microfocus X-ray tube. (A) Cathode, (B) Wehnelt grid electrode, (C) anode, (D) electromagnetic axial focusing lens, (E) electromagnetic quadrupole lens, (F) target, (G) X-ray shutter, (H) direction of X-ray beam
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