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Wireless Local Area Networks
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24 Part I Using the Sony Alpha A700
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Planning for Complexity: Another Ounce of Prevention
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The following site architecture will be implemented: A site must be de ned for each physical site that contains a domain controller. Hub sites and regional sites will initially represent candidates for sites. A site must be de ned according to its subnet and the IP subnets of other regional sites or centers. When it is determined that there is no need to replicate DC data to and from a site, it is considered to be a center. A user in a center will be authenticated by the DC in his or her site across the WAN.
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The following three types of recovery policy can be de ned in the domain by administrators: Recovery-agent policy. This is the default recovery policy. As soon as an administrator adds one or more recovery agents, the recovery-agent policy is in effect. These agents have the responsibility of recovering the encrypted data within the scope of their administration. Empty-recovery policy. This policy comes into effect when an administrator deletes all the recovery agents and their public-key certi cates. Such a policy actually means that no policy exists. For Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2008 servers on the domain, this requires EFS to be disabled. No-recovery policy. If an administrator deletes all the private keys associated with a recovery policy, a no-recovery policy is in effect. Recovery of data, therefore, is not possible because you have no way to activate a recovery agent. Depending on the environment, this may be a desirable situation.
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In order for NIS to operate successfully, we have to construct a list of the NIS servers. Please continue to add the names for yp servers in order of preference, one per line. When you are done with the list, type Ctrl+D or a return on a line by itself.
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You may want to use Windows+Tab and Alt+Tab whenever you have hidden the taskbar in order to enjoy more screen space. However, note that these shortcut keys display only the Windows tabs; they do not reveal the other areas of your taskbar.
Sensitive thickness (280 mm)
FIGURE 2.18 The SolidWorks window with all toolbars hidden using the F10 key
Managing Files and Folders
Part V: Creating Drawings
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