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At this point the view is finished. Now you may choose to edit the view in some way, such as by changing the sketch, the depth, the section scope, and so on. Figure 21.16 shows how the Brokenout Section view is positioned in the Drawing FeatureManager. It is listed as a modification to an existing drawing view. The Broken-out Section RMB menu is also shown. Selecting Edit Definition displays the PropertyManager, shown in Figure 21.15. Selecting Edit Sketch enables you to change the section spline shape. Selecting Properties displays the dialog box shown to the right in Figure 21.16. This contains options for the underlying original view as well as the Broken-out section modification to the original view. Only the Section Scope tab is added by the Broken-out Section view. The rest of the options are for normal view properties.
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Figures 6.2.3(a) and 6.2.3(b) show the effect of using simple Gaussians instead of modi ed Gaussians. Here, the spectrum of a brass sample (NIST SRM 1106) is tted. When simple Gaussians are used, the Ni K peak is clearly overestimated since it is used to ll up the tail of the Cu lines. When modi ed Gaussians are used, a realistic t is obtained. In the above equations, erfc is the complement of the error function erf and serves to round off the exponential and shelf terms to avoid non-physical sharp edges. (Actually, the erfc component results from convoluting an exponential tail or shelf with the Gaussian detector response function.) Erf and erfc are given by the following expressions 2 erfc(x) = 1 erf(x) = 1 2 =
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39 Replicating Data
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B-ISDN user equipment is an extension of that described for N-ISDN. Broadband Terminal Equipment 1 (B-TE1) is de ned as B-ISDN-compatible CPE. While the exact nature of the B-TE1 remains undetermined, it is likely that it will take the form of ATM-compatible B-ISDN communications servers. Those servers will combine the functions of a PBX, data switch, and video switch. At the extreme, they will take the form of ATM-based multimedia communications servers. Broadband Terminal Equipment Type 2 (B-TE2) is de ned as terminal equipment that supports a broadband interface other than B-ISDN. Terminal Equipment Type 2 (TE2) continues to be de ned as terminal equipment that supports an interface other than ISDN. Both B-TE2 and TE2 equipment will interface with the network through a Broadband Terminal Adapter (B-TA). All of this may well be moot now, as IP seems to have relegated B-ISDN to an historical pipe dream. 10.5.5 B-ISDN Attributes and Issues
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FIGURE 13.9 Comparison of the CDF of distance measurement error simulated by the Saleh Valenzuela model and the empirical data for bandwidths of (a) 3 GHz and (b) 500 MHz.
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A drop-down menu appears.
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6. Enter the e-mail address for the other person and then send the Remote
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raphy, for which he was just then seeking corporate sponsorship to help him develop office photocopiers. The Haloid Corp. was the one that took Carlson on and in a short time became Xerox, the dry writing company, which has covered the world with copiers. Too bad RCA didn t pick up on that one! I can also remember helping John qualify (for shipment) a large batch of far infrared light sensors that one of the Government agencies had ordered for war-time purposes. He had made each cell himself, encapsulating it within a sodium chloride dome that permitted the infrared wavelengths to enter. From the length of a long hallway in the building, I recorded the meter readings that each cell produced as John aimed a puff from his cigarette at us. There was a problem in working with John, however. He needed to keep the room in total darkness for most of the work he was doing. So there I was, sitting in the dark a large part of the day and wondering what to do about it! Before long, I found a space behind a row of equipment racks in one of the control rooms that flanked the theater-like TV demonstration studio that belonged to the color development group. I squeezed my desk into it and there it remained through my entire tenure with RCA. John s many contributions to the development of television, from his hands-on participation in placing the antenna on top of the Empire State Building, to his design of the original UHF television broadcasting transmitters that opened up many new channels in the TV spectrum, earned for him the RCA Laboratory s highest honor, The Award for Meritorious Research in Television. Late in 1945, there were many other leftover war-related tasks at the Lab that a newly hired and yet untried engineer would be asked to finish up. One involved inspecting a mountain of 16 mm test films that had accumulated during the television-guidedbomb project. The bombs were being released from about 8000 feet above a circular set of target rings laid out on the ground. Miniature image orthicon camera tubes (MIMO) were used to bring a televised view of a target to the remote controller. The cameras appeared to work just fine, producing excellent images of the descent to the target, the ground, and then the blackout that came so abruptly. The instability of those first missile guidance systems, however, produced dizzying images from rocking missiles, many never falling within the target s outer ring. Much remained to be done before the present-day precision guidance system that our military now uses so effectively was achieved.
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The Format Shape dialog box appears. Any possible object formatting appears in this dialog box.
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Tag: wp_link_pages() Description: Produces links for posts with pagination using the <--nextpage--> tags in posts. Returns: True or False Arguments: Array or query string
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Figure 14.6. You can program how often you should perform a backup.
Using a User-Defined Function
{P E MIP 2 Q }
$1 M 0 $3 M : $2 M $1 M $2 M
Depending on what you need, you may want to have metric and inch part and assembly templates, part templates for steel and aluminum, separate templates for sheet metal parts, and another one for weldments, if you design these types of parts. If your firm has customers with different requirements, you may consider using separate templates for these customers. Over time, you will discover the types of templates that you need, because you will find yourself making the same changes over and over again.
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