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The same goes for online banking activities. If you notice that transactions are being made on your account without your consent, chances are good that someone else has gotten your account information and is using it for his own expenses. (Admittedly, it could be a simple error on your bank s part, but it is more likely the former rather than the latter.) In this instance, be sure to contact your bank immediately and discuss the appropriate measures to correct this incident. You might need to set up a new account, or you might simply be able to change your existing password to prevent this type of situation from progressing. In either scenario, be sure to remove saved passwords from your computer in case that is how the culprit gained access to your personal information in the first place. And you should probably elect not to save your e-mail or banking passwords to your computer in the future to prevent this type of occurrence from happening. To delete saved passwords from your PC
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Configuring WordPress MU is more involved that WordPress. Ensure that you have Wildcard DNS and a wildcard ServerAlias in your Apache configuration. WordPress standard installs can be exported and then imported into a separate WordPress MU install. Backup, backup, backup! WordPress MU is similar to standard WordPress but has nuances like $blog_id and a different database schema. Other nuances of WordPress MU include WordPress MU site-wide plugins, image uploading, and permalinks, and using different domains for a WordPress MU blog.
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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The author would like to acknowledge the contributions of David J. Frank and Paul M. Solomon, who wrote a significant portion of the sections on device scaling, MOSFET device structures, and future trends in Ref. 11, which formed the basis of parts of this chapter.
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The directory structure that your site will use depends, of course, on your preferences and the setup on the configuration files listed previously. However, the form most Web sites take looks roughly like this:
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The Flatten Bends feature is added automatically by the Insert Bends tool. As mentioned earlier, it takes the model with sharp corners and lays it flat, adjusting the material in the bend area and normalizing the thickness faces around the flat pattern. A Merge Faces option is not available in the Insert Bends method except in the Flat Pattern feature, and so the flat pattern created by the Flatten Bends feature always has edges created by the tangent lines of the bends.
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1* tox = 2.1 nm
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Yes, SolidWorks drawings can use layers. You can place individual parts onto layers, and the layers can have different colors and line fonts. Most entities can be put into layers, including edges, annotations, and sketch items. Hidden layers are often used for reference information or construction entities on a drawing. Figure 21.27 shows the Layers dialog box on a SolidWorks drawing.
FIGURE 18.21 The finished part
capable of producing much smaller electron probes had been around since the 1970s but had never seen widespread use on TEMs because of their complexity and ultra-high vacuum requirements. In the course of the last decade, however, the thermally assisted Schottky FEG with less stringent vacuum needs and a constant beam current became the norm on high-end TEMs. One of the bene ts is that these microscopes can produce much smaller probes and as a consequence the bulk of EDX research shifted back from quantitative to qualitative analysis but this time on a much smaller scale: the nanometer or even smaller. When objects or features become so small, a two-dimensional grain boundary for instance, detection limits and/or concentration gradients became the ultimate pursuit. The technique s spatial resolution improved dramatically, so much that the term microanalysis , probably too well established by now, should be replaced by nanoanalysis . The 1970s brought along a new technique on TEMs: EELS or electron energy loss spectroscopy. EELS measures the characteristic energy-loss of the primary electron due to the ionization of a target atom. In that respect, EELS and EDX look at the same ionization events, the difference being that EELS measures the primary event while EDX looks at a secondary product of the ionization, the emitted X-ray. The rst generation of spectrometers was the so-called serial EELS (SEELS) because the energy-loss range is acquired sequentially. SEELS only enjoyed a moderate success because it was time consuming and the interpretation of the spectra was all but trivial. In the mid 1980s the PEELS or parallel electron energy loss spectrometer was introduced with a 1024 diode array capable of acquiring a whole energy interval at once. It became fashionable to add a PEELS to a TEM column and soon the decline of EDX on TEMs was predicted because of EELS s signi cantly better energy resolution and far greater collection ef ciency. This prediction never came true and actually EDX on TEMs has never been stronger than right now. This subchapter about EDX on TEMs is not only meant to be a tribute to the technique, but also tries to explain this revival.
Curvature display
The General tab of the Options window pops up onscreen, as shown in Figure 7-8.
Al-Ghorabie, F. H. H. Radiat. Phys. Chem. 55, 377 384 (1999). Al-Ghorabie, F. H. H., Natto, S. S. A. and Al-Lyhiani, S. H. A. Comput. Biol. Med. 31, 73 83 (2001). Ao, Q., Lee, S. H. and Gardner, R. P. Appl. Radiat. Isot. 48, 1403 1412, (1997a). Ao, Q., Lee, S. H. and Gardner, R. P. Appl. Radiat. Isot. 48, 1413 1423 (1997b). Apostolakis, J., Giani, S., Maire, M., Nieminen, P., Pia, M. G. and Urban, L. GEANT4 Low Energy Electromagnetic Models for electrons and photons. CERN-OPEN-99-034, preprint, 1999.
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Part VI Optimization Strategies
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