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This output shows that Ruby is installed and ready to go. There is currently a disagreement between the Debian developers and the Ruby developers about the best way to install and update Ruby on Debian-based Linux systems (which is what Ubuntu is). The Ruby application comes with its own installer and updater program, called gems. Unfortunately, if you install or update Ruby programs using gems, those programs won t appear in the Debian software installation database, nor will they be automatically updated by the Synaptic updater. However, if you install Ruby via the Ubuntu Synaptic Package Manager, you re not guaranteed to get the latest version of Ruby available only what s been added to the Ubuntu repositories. The Ubuntu repositories have been doing a fairly decent job of keeping up with Ruby development, but the repositories don t always contain the latest release. If you re not concerned about working with the absolute latest version of Ruby, using the Synaptic Package Manager is a perfectly valid (and the easiest) way to install Ruby on your Ubuntu system. If you want to work with the latest version of Ruby, here s the recommended way: 1. Install only the ruby package from the Synaptic Package Manager. 2. Download the latest version of gems directly from the Ruby web site:
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The attributes on the first property in the previous code allow the Description and the Category of the property to be set. These attributes apply to how and where the property appears in the Property Browser. Figure 28-7 demonstrates how these attributes set the behavior of the property in the Property Browser.
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Replication agents have many switches on them; profiles are groups of switches that provide distinct functions. By default, snapshot replication has a single profile. Transactional replication has five profiles: Continue on data consistency errors (which will cause the distribution agent to skip errors related to primary key violations or rows missing on the subscriber); a default profile; a verbose profile (for debugging); an OLEB streaming profile (used when you are replicating blobs); and a Windows Synchronization Manager profile (when your subscription is controlled via Windows Synchronization Manager). Merge agents have a high-volume server-to-server profile; row count and checksum validation (for validations); row count (for validations); slow link (for slow links such as phone lines); verbose history agent (for debugging); and Windows Synchronization Manager profiles. You can add custom profiles for finer-grained control. Returning to the Replication Monitor, if you click on a snapshot or merge publication, the right-hand pane of Replication Monitor will display two tabs: All Subscriptions Warning and Agents Optionally, it will also display a third tab for transactional replication publications: Tracer Tokens
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6 Click OK.
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The filter uses a combination of equal and like operators, depending on the data types captured. A frustrating aspect of the filter is that it only works against collected data, and the data collected for some columns may not be what was expected. For example, if you want to filter the trace to only those batches that reference a specific table or column, filtering by object name won t work. Defining a like filter using wildcards on the text data column, however, will cause the Profiler to select only those batches that include that table name. Another popular Profiler trace filter is to filter for events with a duration greater than or equal to a specified time, to select all the longer-running batches. The Exclude system IDs check box sets the filter to select only user objects.
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Wireless Communications
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Figure 7.16. (a) XRD out-of-plane ( ) and (b) XRD in-plane ( ) mosaic dispersions of Ni-based substrates. [Reproduced with permission from Ref. 110. Copyright 2006 Wiley-VCH.]
I learned CSS because I was wasting too much time building sites with HTML tables, and it was proving too unmanageable to maintain these sites. I learned PHP because, back in 2001, it was the best way to provide database-driven applications, which were obviously the future. More recently, I learned Ruby on Rails because it promised to help me build sites more quickly, leading to better profitability. Choosing a technology is like getting into a relationship. It s very exciting at first, but then you come to understand its quirks, and you have to decide whether it s good for you. I ve researched many technologies and rejected them and I won t mention names because there are many people who love those solutions; they just weren t right for me. But never make the mistake of settling in with your current skill set. The moment you do that, you ll stop caring about the real joys of web development. You don t want to lose that sense that all developers feel of mastering something new, of developing the means to solve problems in novel and interesting ways, of discovering new paths to creativity. This career is a calling, and it s one that only the nerdiest and the most dedicated can successfully pursue. You ll no doubt find more tips on how to run a freelance web business all over the Internet. In fact, Appendix B will point you to a few of those places. But when it comes to running a business, you need the right attitude more than anything else. If you have a passion for web development, you ll be rewarded.
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Add-ons are extra tools that you can attach to your browser in order to customize it in a practical way. These additional browser tools are called add-ons because they have to be added to your browser; they do not come as part of its standard features. In other words, add-ons are completely optional in nature. Some are free; others are for purchase. Add-ons tend to influence the functionality of your browser rather than its appearance. These additional tools include various forms, controls, utilities, special browsers, and even entertainment applications. IE7 offers a variety of different add-ons. Its available add-ons have been organized into four categories: Security, Time Savers, Browsers, and Entertainment. Each of these categories contains a number of add-on tools.
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