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I often deal with clients who want more of a site than they realize. While talking about their site, they may try to downplay the scope of the job after all, they don t want to spend a fortune! But as you start to get a sense of what they need, you might find yourself dealing with a site larger than you expected. In other situations, I ve dealt with clients who are fixated on page count. How many pages can I get for this much money is a common (albeit worrying) question. As you ll learn in the later chapters on web application development, page count is a fairly meaningless term in the era of dynamic content and page templates; instead, it s more useful to talk about discrete pieces of functionality. In both of the situations I ve described here, a sitemap can be a valuable tool for both you and the client to establish the scale of the job at hand. While this may be a literal sitemap in the sense of showing little square boxes with the lines connecting them representing hyperlinks it can also be used to show areas of functionality. In a recent job, the first scenario I described came to pass. The client said that he wanted a fairly modest new site. But the more we talked about it, the more significant the site became. Consequently, my language about the scope of the job changed to include phrases such as a lot of work and some effort. When the client kept using the more modest language to describe the site, I knew that we had a potential communication issue.
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favorites = { fruit : banana, vegetable : carrot }
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Part VII
Internet Explorer is found on the default Windows Phone Start screen. If you don t see it, however, you can find it in More Programs by tapping the right arrow in the upper right of the Start screen. To add Internet Explorer to the Start screen, press and hold on the Internet Explorer item in More Programs. In the pop-up that appears, select Pin to Start.
PowerPoint prints the presentation.
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1 Open the CSS stylesheet that contains the HTML page s formatting instructions.
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