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Auto Dimension also functions only in a drawing. You need to select reference edges for X and Y directions and specify either all edges or only selected edges. SolidWorks then dimensions everything, based on the reference edges. Hole diameters are also dimensioned.
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3 Add a link element in your document header connecting the tabmenu.css stylesheet with your HTML page.
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Dim oDataRow As DataRow = oDataSet.Tables(0).NewRow()
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Working with Layouts and Placeholders
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Part II
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SelectAll (Public Instance Method)
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Exploded views enable you to display an assembly taken apart so that you can see all of the parts. They are great for assembly documentation, assembly instructions, and for visualizing assemblies with concealed internal parts. I have included exploded views in the assembly configurations chapter because, like Display States, exploded views are found in the ConfigurationManager under the configuration. Each config can have only a single exploded view with multiple steps, and you can copy exploded views between configurations. When you are creating the exploded view of the top-level assembly, and a subassembly already has one, you can include the subassembly s exploded view in the top-level exploded view. While you are creating exploded views, mates are temporarily suspended. To initiate a new exploded view, switch to the ConfigurationManager, right-mouse button click a configuration name, and select New Exploded View, as shown in Figure 14.13. Figure 14.13 also shows the Explode PropertyManager interface. This interface includes a helpful How-To section at the top to give you a hint of where to start. You can initiate Exploded View from an assembly toolbar button or through the right-mouse button menu on a configuration.
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Pay-for-Inclusion Services
Part VI
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Though query_posts() can take all the same query string variables as WP_Query, it limits you to a single Loop. Smashing Magazine author Jean-Baptiste Jung provides a fantastic list of ideas (www.smashing that you can use in one or more Loops. Combining these ideas, as well as your own, can really liven up a site and enhance discoverability and search engine optimization (SEO).
Table 5.1: Key UTKA Parameters.
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