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In Dreamweaver, you do that by choosing File Open. If you re working with the book examples, open the makeover_03_03.html file.
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While not a topic for this book, internal consultants who work in remote sites from time to time are sometimes more like external consultants, or at least hybrids, than strictly internal consultants. For targeted advice on how to work in those conditions, see my books Process Consultation (Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer, 2002) for implementation advice, and How to Acquire Clients (Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer, 2002) for marketing help. Both are part of the seven-book series The Ultimate Consultant.
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the network logic in order to program (or reprogram) a priority sequence of numbers to which calls should be forwarded, with such a sequence perhaps including a cellular number. A single number can be used for both voice and fax, with facsimile routing invoked through a special dialing instruction such as * or # (an asterisk or number symbol), after a voice prompt. The ultimate plan is for 500 numbers to provide the capability to selectively forward calls received only from those that have knowledge of a PIN. 500 numbers promise to offer the rst set of capabilities envisioned as Personal Communications Services (PCS), whereby one number theoretically can be retained for life transportable across carriers and carrier domains. AT&T offered a similar service some years ago in the form of 700 service. The service provided follow-me call forwarding, although only AT&T long-distance subscribers could access a 700 number. No companies currently market 700 services [17 19]. Note: In some countries, 700 and 0700 numbers are designated other purposes such as for Internet calls, which may be billed at a different rate than voice calls. 900/976 Services The 900/976 services are premium information services that carry either a at cost per call or the cost per minute that the called party (sponsoring party) determines. The revenues are divided among the sponsoring party receiving the call and the various carriers involved. Originally intended for applications such as telethons and informational services, 900/976 services have gained a bad reputation because many providers of telephone sex and other questionable services make extensive use of them. As a result, 900/976 services have fallen out of favor and are not widely used any longer. Fraud schemes actively use 900/976 numbers. In such a scheme, a caller will leave a message asking for a return call to a 900/976 number, with the call carrying an exorbitant charge. 5.5.3 Virtual Private Network Services
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R 2 = ARn,AH + DRnnDH. 2
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The most useful setting in this dialog box is the Startup type. The drop-down list box lets you set how you want the service to behave when the system reboots. The choices are
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13. Click Close.
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Creating Sticky Notes
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Defining the concept of a window Using a window Understanding the Windows Form Tracing the ancestry of the Form Understanding new functionality of the Form With all the talk about Web Forms, ASP.NET, Web Services, and so on, it is very easy to come to the conclusion that Windows-based application development is dead. This is simply untrue. Marketing is marketing, and the new Windows Forms framework is unbelievable. The beauty of the Windows Forms framework is undeniable. Gone is the heavy dependence on coding against the Win32 API; gone is the "auto-magical, under-thecovers" plumbing; gone is the inability to transfer acquired skills between languages; gone are the archaic designers and techniques for necessary items, such as menus and ToolTips. This list could go on, but you'll understand soon enough. Now you have the power of inheritance (or the danger depending on with whom you talk); you have docking and anchoring (that's right, no more annoying resizing code to write); you have a framework that remains constant regardless of the language (yes, the methods, properties and events remain the same); you have significantly smaller need to rely on WM_XXXX messages (I know, you miss them). This list could go on, but you'll understand soon enough. Enough with the celebrating; it's time to get cracking. The most important thing to remember throughout this and the following chapters is that a Form is just a class. Repeat it again, because it should be the mantra of every Visual Basic, rich-client developer: A Form is just a class. A Form has properties, methods and events just like every other class. "Wait!" you exclaim, "These were present in previous versions of Visual Basic." This is true. But now, you are able to easily extend the core functionality that Microsoft provides. The chapters in this unit provide many examples of this. In this chapter, you primarily learn the basics of the Windows.Forms namespace. You understand the class hierarchy and learn some basic techniques for accomplishing your goals. Advanced users find a wealth of information presented so that new techniques and information can be easily gleaned while refreshing the knowledge already possessed.
Part V: Mobility
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