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16. Harmonize
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Before the first time a project is deployed, set the target server by right-clicking on the project in the Solution Explorer pane containing the mining structure and choosing Properties. Then select the Deployment topic and enter the appropriate server name, adjusting the target database name at the same time (deploying creates an Analysis Services database named by default after the project). Deploy the structure by choosing Process or Process Mining Structure and All Models from either the Mining Model or context menu. After processing, the Mining Designer will move to the Mining Model Viewer tab, where one or more viewers are available depending upon which models are included in the structure. The algorithm-specific viewers assist in understanding the rules and relationships discovered by the models (see the Algorithms section in this chapter).
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If the update procedure checks to see whether any rows were affected, it can detect that Sue s edit was ignored:
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Figure 5.7.3 (a) HAADF STEM (Z-contrast) image of a semiconductor device. At the location marked with a cross, an EDX (b) and an EELS (c) spectrum were acquired. Notice the huge difference in signal intensities and background shapes. (Courtesy of Y.C. Wang, FEI Company)
(2.A.7) (2.A.8) (2.A.9) (2.A.10)
1. Open the part named 13 Robot Base.sldprt from the CD-ROM. 2. In the part document window, click the Make Assembly From Part icon, and click the cursor on the Origin of the assembly to place the part Origin at the assembly Origin. The part is automatically fixed in place. 3. Click Insert Component Existing Part/Assembly. Click the Browse button in the PropertyManager, and find the part called 13 Robot Tower.sldprt. This part contains a Mate reference to help you mount it to the base. If you bring the cursor near the big circular hole in the base, you can see the transparent preview of the tower snap into place. Click to accept this placement. Figure 13.24 shows this placement in progress. Notice that the cursor appears as a SmartMate cursor for the peg-in-hole mate. When the part is dropped, check the mate list to confirm that a Concentric and a Coincident mate have been applied by the Mate reference.
CrossReference For more information about referential integrity and when to use it, turn to 2, Relational Database Modeling, and 17, Implementing the Physical Database Schema.
Figure 20.2-6 Example of TCP segment sequence.
Security may affect insert, update, and delete operations. A number of security settings and roles will cause any operation to fail. Typically, security is not an issue during development; however, for production databases, security is often paramount. Documenting the security settings and security roles will help you solve datamodification problems caused by security.
The DFS Management console provides two branches: Namespaces and Replication. As you might expect, you create new namespaces with the Namespaces branch. To create a namespace, click the Namespaces branch and then click New Namespace in the Actions pane, which launches the New Namespace Wizard. The wizard prompts for several items of information: Namespace Server. Enter the name of the server that will host the namespace and click Next. The wizard veri es that the DFS service is running on the target computer. If not, the wizard will ask if you want it to set the service startup mode to Automatic and start the service for you. You can accomplish these tasks manually if you prefer.
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