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olidWorks software has been around for over ten years now. In that time, the resources available to users seeking help have increased dramatically. The available help takes many forms, from personal Web sites with information obtained from individual experience, to commercial on-line magazines or forums with advanced Flash interfaces. In this appendix, I have assembled some of the more useful sources of quality information. It is not the goal of this book to endorse any commercial sites or services, but some of the listed resources are commercial in nature, and may feature advertisements, logins, or both.
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49 Measuring Performance
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content management system (CMS) is a piece of software used to manage a Web site from a single administrative interface. The most well-known content management systems are Drupal (http://, Joomla (, and ExpressionEngine ( WordPress has had trappings of a CMS for years now. Since WordPress 1.5, pages the main aspect of a CMS have been available to WordPress users wishing to use the software to power largely static sites. In fact, between pages, custom fields, and the media library, WordPress has everything that is needed to take a corporate site or a non-profit organization s Web site from a smattering of hand-coded static HTML (hypertext markup language) pages into a centrally managed, consistently themed site that can operate seamlessly and with little maintenance required.
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3.2. OrthogonalSeriesExpansions
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(i.e., the LCR), and the total percentage of time the eld strength is lower than this threshold (i.e., the cdf of the eld strength). The ADFs can be simply computed as the quotient of these two quantities: ADF(r) = A plot of the ADF is shown in Figure 5.26.
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Change Object Order
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Now Playing: The Music Playback Experience
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A switch does a great deal to reduce congestion and in a number of ways. First, a switch can support multiple simultaneous transmissions, whether through a matrix, a shared bus, or a combination. Second, switches serve to segment a network through ltering, as they forward traf c only to the port associated with the link to which the target device is connected. Thereby, that traf c does not contribute to congestion on other links or segments. Third, a switch can be equipped to buffer incoming packets until internal bus resources are available to process them. A switch also can be equipped to buffer outgoing packets until such time as the link to the next switch becomes available. Fourth, a switch can exercise a ow control mechanism, whereby it can advise a device to stop transmitting when its buffers are in danger of over owing and then advise the device to resume transmission when the pressure on resources has been relieved. Fifth, store-and-forward and fragment-free switches variously eliminate or reduce the number of errored frames. Finally, a switch supports fullduplex transmission, thereby reducing or eliminating data collisions associated with CSMA in an Ethernet environment, assuming that the station is directly connected to the switch rather than through a hub. This approach is the current best practice. The cost of switches has dropped dramatically in recent years to the point that they often compete effectively against hubs. But switch costs are sensitive to factors such as the type and speed of the transmission media interfaces, the number and speed of the ports, the number and size of the buffers, the number and speed of the internal buses, the complexity of the internal switching matrix, and the complexity of the switching or routing logic.
When you follow this tutorial, you are encouraged to follow the directions the first time to make sure that you understand the concepts involved, and then to go through it again, this time deviating from the instructions to see if you can expand your understanding by experimentation. To try bracket casting, follow these steps:
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I made an annotation during the slide show. Now how do I turn off the pen and get the pointer back
Quick Tips appear in the pop-up window in the lower-right corner of the graphics window. They can change as you work so that they are sensitive to the context in which you are working. They are a great way for new users or infrequent users to learn or be reminded of the next steps available to them. You can activate and deactivate Quick Tips using the question mark icon in the lowerright corner of the SolidWorks window on the status bar. Figure 2.28 shows the Quick Tips window in action.
Part III Developing with SQL Server
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