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22: Samba and Print Server
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Just as with any installation, it is a good idea to back up systems before you reinstall or upgrade them. This is a precaution in case anything in the installation should fail, but is really needed only for files beyond the OS configuration files and the like.
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Figure 53-8: The query execution plan performs a clustered index scan to retrieve the data directly, instead of accessing the base tables.
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Layer 1: memory VDD
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Method Name Description
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the queue. Additionally, the incoming callers realize enhanced customer service because they are directed to the call center with the shortest queue and held in queue until a properly skilled agent is available. While the holding time can be long during periods of heavy calling load, this approach is preferable to encountering busy conditions that require repeated attempts to reach an agent. In fact, holding time can be used for advertising, promotional, or service-related messages. Should calls be queued from both local trunks and toll-free long-distance trunks, the ACD can place the toll-free callers at the head of the queue in order to minimize long-distance costs to the user organization. ACDs provide rather substantial workforce management reporting software that enables the system administrator to view and trend calling patterns, average queue lengths, average holding times, and so on. Through the use of such a tool, management can better anticipate future incoming call loads and, therefore, can more accurately schedule the number of agents required to handle that load satisfactorily, in consideration of customer service objectives. Customer service is enhanced further when the ACD supports skills-based routing. A credit card company, for example, might capture the originating telephone number of an incoming caller or request that the caller enter his or her account number. Through matching that information to a database of customers, the company might determine that a particular caller holds a platinum card, prefers to deal with a Mandarin-speaking agent, and has failed to make a payment in the past two billing cycles. Based on that information, the ACD might direct the call to the closest call center with a readily available, multilingual agent capable of initiating collection action involving such a privileged customer [14 16]. Applications for ACDs in call center environments include reservation centers such as hotels, auto rental agencies, and airlines. Financial institutions such as stock brokerages, commodities traders, and banks make heavy use of ACDs, as do ticket agencies. Call centers are used extensively for customer service and technical support. 3.4.2 Enhancements and Trends
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File tab.
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Washer and resistors inserted into the BNC connector.
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8.1.4 In uence on Measurement Data
If Ubuntu detects an existing operating system on your hard drive, it ll offer an additional option to the Guided Partition option. Besides offering to install on the entire hard drive, Ubuntu will offer to automatically partition the hard drive to retain the existing operating system, plus create a partition for the Ubuntu installation. In this case, Ubuntu allows you to select how much disk space to allocate for the new Ubuntu partition. You can drag the partition separator to redistribute disk space between the original operating system and the new Ubuntu partition. Keep in mind the disk space requirements determined earlier in the Determining Free Space section to use here. If you choose to partition an existing operating system, remember that bad things can (and often do) happen. Even if you plan to keep the existing operating system, it s a good idea to make a complete backup of that operating system before performing the partition process.
Two DC blocking capacitors must be provided Two Linfinite parts must be provided
File, Print, and Storage Services
18: Working with Library Features
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