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How very true! It is so much easier to solve a problem when you know in advance the answer you are trying to reach, which is why Archimedes split the credit for discovering that a cone is one third of the volume of the cylinder on the same base, and with the same height, between Democritus who discovered this fact and Eudoxus who proved it. (See Fig. 3.2.) Sylvester added to his encomium of experiment in mathematics the statement that 'induction and analogy are the special characteristics of modern mathematics.' We are indeed very liable to spot patterns and analogies - because that is the way our brains work - and to fondly imagine that because they are so neat and pretty, that they must be correct. But this is far from always being the case! As Henri Poincare observed, 'When a sudden illumination invades the mathematician's mind ... it sometimes happens ... that it will not stand the test of verification ... it is to be observed almost always that this false idea, if it had been correct, would have flattered our natural instincts for mathematical elegance.' Aye, there's the rub! The mathematician expects sound mathematics to be elegant and pleasing, but the converse is not always true. A lot of attractive ideas are thoroughly unsound.
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A hierarchical menu appears for you to select which directories are associated with the key in other words, which directories are encrypted and updated. Be careful though, the more directories that you include means the longer it will take for your update and encryption to complete.
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Open the Tools menu and choose Menu Bar.
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</authorization> Remember to change the domain name so that it's the same as the domain name on your computer. If you are not part of a domain- you need to include the computer name. You can add more groups to the list by separating them with commas. When Jdoe logs onto the site- the server authenticates Jdoe- checks that he is a member of the Website Manager group- and then grants him access to the application.
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electromagnetic fields are present at the same time. Modes include Transverse Electric (TE), Transverse Magnetic (TM), and Transverse Electromagnetic (TEM). Details on various modes and how they affect field propagation may be found in vendor application notes. A simple rectangular chamber does not produce a uniform field throughout its volume. Wherever the EUT is physically located in the chamber, a different field strength exists, which leads to uncertainty of measurement. Within the chamber are metallic vanes that are inserted from adjacent walls and rotated at different speeds around an axis perpendicular to the wall. The time variation of the chamber geometry along with the rotation of the vanes produces a continuous variation of mode mixing with the same statistical distribution of field modes. Regardless of where the EUT is located within the chamber, the field intensity is uniform. Reverberation chambers are mainly used for military system testing such as Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance (HERO), automotive applications, and large-EUT hardness testing at high field strengths. They are also used for commercial standards such as the volumetric uniformity requirements of IEC 61000-4-3 (EN 61000-4-3) and commercial avionics test standard RTCA/DO-160D. These chambers provide random, complex, real world conditions similar to the environments found in avionics bays and automobile engine compartments. Figure 4.19 illustrates the basic setup when performing tests within a reverberation chamber [2]. Both emissions and immunity can be performed with the same setup. When performing tests, additional connections must be made to the EUT to monitor its performance level or malfunction.
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Creating shortcuts for your applications, folders, and files Learning the ins and outs of searching in Windows Vista Making searching easier and faster Learning how to associate file types with applications Protecting your documents with Vista s new XPS file format Partitioning your hard drive Transferring your files from one computer to another using Windows Easy Transfer
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Table 49-2: Files Created by the disco Tool File Description to the local copies of the CTemp.wsd l and ctemp.dis co files. In actual practice, you would save the results of the discovery process to the project folder where you were building the client application that consumes the Web Service just discovered. Armed with the information and files copied to your system by the disco tool, you could use the wsdl tool to generate a proxy class for the CTemp Web Service, which could be used to consume the service in a client application. This process is discussed later in this chapter under "Creating a Proxy Class with the WSDL To ol." Finding Web Services with UDDI While the disco tool is an effective means of locating Web Service descriptions, it requires you to know either the URL to a specific target server where the Web Service is deployed or the URL to a specific Web Service virtual directory on a Web server. In any case, you won't be able to find any Web Services using disco without knowing a URL. As mentioned previously, UDDI is a more generalized search tool for locating Web Services. Using UDDI, you can specify search terms that allow you to pinpoint Web Services you want to use based on company, industry, service types, and many other classifications. Using these more generalized search terms, UDDI can return in a list of URLs with information about specific Web Services, including the WSDL document that you are searching for. This section explores how to find Web Services by using the interactive UDDI Web site. This Web site provides search forms for locating Web Services (and Web Service descriptions).
The Fully Define Sketch interface uses sketch relations and dimensions to fully define the active sketch. It enables you to select which types of sketch relations and dimensions will be used to do this. Figure 3.33 shows the Fully Define Sketch interface. Be careful of this icon because it looks almost identical to the Sketch icon. If you are familiar with older versions, the Fully Define Sketch function was formerly called Auto Dimension and has absorbed the functionality of Scan Equal and Add Relations. This function is very useful when used with imported sketch data. If you do not like the automatic dimensioning scheme, you can at least take advantage of the automatic sketch relations.
FigurE 6-23: Zune Marketplace offers some rich interfaces, like this artist landing page.
You can actually detach the Task pane from its docking location and move it wherever you want, leave it undocked, or even move it to a second monitor.
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Figure 5.15. Gas chromatograms of liquid precursors for producing n-type Si lms, namely, solution of CPS with white phosphorus dissolved at 1 wt%; initial (nonirradiated) solution; 20-min-, 25-min-, and 30-min-irradiated solutions; and white phosphorus alone solution, for comparison, all of which were diluted with toluene before analysis. Trans-decalin was used as a standard for a quantitative estimation of an unreacted CPS monomer. [Reproduced with permission from Ref. 25. Copyright 2007 The Japan Society of Applied Physics.]
The new tag identifier is added to the image, appearing in the list of tags below the Add Tags option in the Details panel. (You can actually add as many tags as you want.)
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