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Lists in CSS also have a few styling possibilities. As you may recall from 4, there are two types of lists: ordered (which displays items numerically) and unordered (which displays items in bullet form). With CSS styles, you can control the number style to use on ordered lists (such as Arabic numerals, Roman numerals, and letters in upper- and lowercase), the kind of bullet the unordered list uses, and where the bullet is positioned relative to the item. In my own list, I ve decided to change the style of the bullet from the default disc to the much-cooler square after all, this is a site about robots! Type this rule in your style set:
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While Microsoft and its partners would continue to peddle HPCs to uninterested business travelers for the next few years, the software giant turned its attention to Palm. Its first PDA product, the Palm PC, was based on a second-generation version of Windows CE. But like the Palm Pilot, the Palm PC was keyboardless and, of course, palm-sized. Palm, however, wasn t amused by the Palm PC, which was very clearly a knock-off. It sued for trademark infringement, and Microsoft responded by changing the name to Palm-sized PC. Over time, some devices even picked up washed-out color displays, but these devices never took off either. Finally, in 2000, Microsoft unleashed its Pocket PC product line, a new generation of handsized PDAs based on Windows CE 3.0. (Also at this time, development of Windows CE and the HPC and PDA products diverged. Windows CE would continue as the underlying platform for HPCs and PDAs, but it would also be used for other embedded devices that would be created and marketed separately.) Pocket PCs, as these devices were simply called, were actually reasonably successful in the market. Like their palm-sized PC predecessors, Pocket PCs could fit in a pocket, had color screens, ran a Windows-like OS, and utilized a stylus, with an onscreen virtual keyboard, as the primary interaction model. The Compaq iPAQ, shown in Figure 19-5, was the quintessential Pocket PC and could be tricked out with expansion sleeves offering storage and connectivity expansion. Over the first two versions of Pocket PC, Microsoft referred to the underlying Windows CE based OS as the Pocket PC OS. But in 2003, Microsoft changed the name to Windows Mobile, the brand that continues to this day. The first version of Windows Mobile was Windows Mobile 2003. That was followed by Windows Mobile 2003 5 in 2005, Windows Mobile 6 in 2007, Windows Mobile 6.1 in 2008, and Windows Mobile 6.5 in 2009.
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know how many images you will take and what you might come across, so carry a couple of extra memory cards so you don t have to stop shooting.
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>> => >> => >> => l.listname = Former Dream Jobs Former Dream Jobs true l.inspect #<List id: 2, listname: \ Former Dream Jobs\ , created_at: \ 2009-10-13 18:52:46\ , updated_at: \ 2009-10-13 18:58:05\ > code39 fonts winforms
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TDMA/FDMA Time 7 6 5 Power-spectral density 3 1 0 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 Frequency slot index Frequency 2 e slo Tim 4 x de
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Too many processes are competing for access to the CPU or one or more processes are using the CPU excessively. Memory is in such high demand that the system is heavily paging or swapping. Disks are slow or I/O is excessively heavy. The network interface is overloaded.
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This was the great thing about ASP 3.0. You could develop pages that would render when the user pulled up the page in the browser. As it was rendering, the page would grab data from all sorts of sources, and place this data in appropriate places within the document for presentation. It is important to note that with Data Binding, the control is not connected to the data source. Instead, what you are doing is making a copy of the data and then binding this copy with the Server control. With Data Binding, not only can you connect to traditional data sources such as relational databases, but you can also make connections to a wide variety of other data sources. You can connect to any of the following data sources and more: DataSets XML files Array lists Hash tables Properties Expressions Functions Collections and lists To bind to data sources to be used in complex controls such as the <asp:datalist>, <asp:datagrid>, and <asp:repeater> controls, you use the DataBind() method (which is discussed shortly). But first, you need to learn some of the other basic forms of binding data within Web pages using VB .NET. Listing 35-18 shows how to bind to a page's property. Listing 35-18: Binding to a Page Property
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This metric allows different channel allocation algorithms, which may have similar call dropping and blocking probability to be compared, in order to identify which is better, when calls are in progress. The quantity SINR,,, is the required reallocation SINR threshold described in Section The probability of outage is similar to the probability of low communications quality metric (Plow), which was defined in Equation 4.14, except in this case the quantity SINR,,, is the required SINR value, below which call is deemed to be the in outage, as described in Section The final metric we have used to evaluate the performance of various channelallocation algorithms is the grade of service (GOS). The definition we have used is that proposed by Cheng and Chuang[290] which is stated as follows:
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Employing relative received pilot power thresholds is important in realistic propagation environments exposed to shadow fading. More explicitly, in contrast to the previously used thresholds, which were expressed in terms of dBm, i.e. with respect to l mW, in this section the thresholds T,,, and T d r o p are expressed in terms of dB relative to the received pilot strength of the base stations in the ABS. Their employment also caters forsituations, where the absolute pilot power may be too low for use in conjunction with fixed thresholds, but nonetheless sufficiently high for reliablecommunications. Hence, in this section we examine the performance of relative received pilot power based soft handover thresholds in a nonshadow faded environment. The call dropping performance is depicted in Figure 5.15, which shows that reducing the soft handover thresholds, and thus increasing the time spent in soft handover, improved the call dropping performance. It was also found in the cases considered here, that simultaneously the probability of a low quality access decreased, as illustrated by Figure 5.16. However, itwas also evident in both figures, thatreducing the softhandover thresholds past a
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