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Part IV: Creating and Using Libraries
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multi-selector to choose one of the DRO settings. The choices in the DRO menu are
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Tangency to Face with Other Face option
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204 Part II Creating Great Photos with the Sony Alpha A700
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Analog system (NMT, AMPS)
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Spreading transformation (matrix multiplication)
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Mindle 2: An Uncertain Number Is a Shape
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Part VII: Working with Specialized Functionality
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One common pitfall associated with creating MX records in DNS where there are multiple DNS servers comes in creating a mail loop. This is where the Message Transfer Agent (MTA) of the mail server sends to one machine, then it sends to another, and finally, the message bounces back to the mail host causing a nondelivery report to the client. This is caused by improperly configuring MX records in DNS. Check to see if your mail server requires the use of MX records before creating them.
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The tunable lter with three coupling types as shown in Figure 5.4 was designed in years past. One of their common problems is, as mentioned above, that the bandwidth changes signi cantly from the low end to high end of the frequency range. Through a simple circuit analysis one can understand why this is so. As a matter of fact, the tank circuits are always tuned up to resonance at the central frequency. Therefore, the two tank circuits look like two small resistors, ro, connected with the main coupling parts in series since the inductor and the capacitor are in resonant status so that their reactances are neutralized with each other. The tunable lters with three kinds of main coupling types as shown in Figure 5.4 can be replaced by their equivalents shown in Figure 5.5 when the tank circuits are resonant at the central frequency. The bandwidth of the tunable lter is mainly determined by the Q value of the tank circuit. In cases where the main coupling part is the capacitor C only, as in Figures 5.4 (a) and 5.5(a), Q= where Q = unloaded Q of the tunable lter; fo = central frequency of the tunable lter; o = central angular frequency of the tunable lter; BW = frequency bandwidth of the tunable lter; ro = equivalent resistor when tank circuit is resonant at the central frequency. From (5.1), BW = 4 roCfo2, (5.2) fo 1 1 = = , BW 2roC o 4 roCfo (5.1)
adjustments you want, press the Shutter or Custom button to return to the Recording Information screen. Finally, now that you have assigned and tweaked the Creative Styles, follow these steps to use one when shooting.
- Introduction to .NET - VB6 and VB .NET Differences - Object-Oriented Programming and VB .NET - Hello World - Data Types, Variables, and Operators - Arrays - Conditional Logic - Procedures - Dialog Boxes
cache/history clearing button, not to mention search engines available from the application interface. For a brief period of time, IE7 launched with two open tabs your home page ( by default) and the Windows Live Web site. Fortunately, this was quickly corrected so that only the home page appeared. Overall, you may personally prefer another browser; it s hard to argue that IE7 isn t an improvement over IE6. Another reason to celebrate Microsoft Vista is the new anti-spyware application called Microsoft Defender. Finally catching up and responding to one of the biggest security threats to home users in recent years, Microsoft finally released an in house application that checks for and removes dangerous spyware from your machine. If you are unfamiliar with spyware and its risks, it is software that can display pop-ups (advertisements) or track user actions and collect personal data or modify personalized settings in Windows. Defender is designed to sit in the background and monitor your computer in real-time; should Spyware or any other malicious software cause a security breech, Defender asks you to take action. You can also program Defender to scan your computer at your leisure. You can manually update the latest spyware definitions from the application interface or set the application to download updates as they become available. Yes, Microsoft already has an existing anti-spyware application called Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware, but this application never left beta status and was never integrated with a Microsoft Windows release. Defender is the next version of Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware and is integrated with Microsoft Vista. The improved firewall is another positive security enhancement as it offers bidirectional support it monitors both inbound and outbound data. Surprisingly, it has taken Microsoft a longer time that I would have hoped to offer this rather basic firewall feature, but it s better late than never! The disk encryption feature (BitLockerTM Drive Encryption) is a nod to PGP, which has offered such protection for years, but it is also a welcome addition to the Windows Vista family, if you buy the right edition. Microsoft has also improved its search functions by including a new desktop search feature. This new search function is lightning fast compared to the Windows XP search function. If you are connected to a Microsoft Vista network, you can also expand the search to include computers on the Vista network.
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